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  1. Hi Dr Jones My dog got gastro sick diahorrea bad. Worse than hes had before. I'm into alternative treatment but took him into the Vet as went on longer. They've given him 2x antibac twice a day and omeprazole. For 6 days. Could I take him off these and hes was better and brighter the next day before I started giving him these pills. Now he looks unwell again but not vomiting or pooping bad.

  2. Great video. I prefer natural methods for my pets because they are less expensive, I don't need a prescription, and have been used for hundreds of years. Old medical books and farming books have some great treatments that we have "forgotten". Your suggestions have been very helpful, and I appreciate the time and effort you put into educating us. Blessings.

  3. Hello, please what would you recommend for 3kg Yorkshire terrier 10 months old, she was in general anesthesia for claw removal and the doctor have antibiotics and also pain relief. What can I use and in what dose what is natural? Garlic extract allicin extract in tablet? And curcumin? If so, what dosage? I have 500mg capsules with od 95% curcumin at home and garlic allicin is I think 12mg per tablet.

  4. Hi Dr. My dog Willow has recently been diagnosed with Clostridium Perfringens. This is the second time she has had it. I have fed her raw in the past BUT this time she has not had any raw meat BUT Ansewrs Raw Goats Milk.??
    They gave me a prescription for Tylosin Tortrate. Please guide me in the right direction. I would also like to purchase your probiotic and enzym.

  5. Both times I took my dog to the vet they’ve recommended flea and tick meds as a cure all. My dog has allergies but they said it’s a flea allergy to prescribe flea meds without doing any tests. They just assume my dog has fleas without a thorough check and one of the vets said natural flea treatments don’t work. I’m not ready to give up on natural remedies.

  6. Good day sir! I found your YT channel very informative, can you please make a video about dry eyes or pigmentation keratitis in eyes of shih tzu? how to treat it and avoid, thanks in advance, Happy Holidays and Keepsafe always.

  7. I love your channel! Thank you for your honesty. My dog has been having pancreatic problems for awhile. I watched your video and put her on the supplements you recommended, even 2 of yours, and so far she hasn’t had a flare up.

  8. When I discovered that my vet had tripled the price of prescription medicines, compared to online sources, I was skeptical that her interest was my dog and not her bottom line.

  9. Great video and its all about the money is why we dont have more knowledge on alternative treatments. What I hate is how many people wont even discuss using cannabis for curing things. Cannabis especially CBD rich cannabis is a very good antiinflamitory. I use it on my knee and it does wonders and I would rather do that then take drugs for the pain.

  10. Thank you Dr Jones I really do appreciate the time you take to give us a lot of information on pet care love and God's blessing to you all I love your Tula 🐾🐾🐾💕💕💕🐕🐕🐕🐕💕💕

  11. To many vet act like Doctors want to give presidone antibiotics I know we need them but I love to research on my own. Natural my vet says he doesn’t know about that much. I do like Utimate feline it helps my cats.

  12. Thanks for sharing. What would you recommend to try with a dog who has sarcoma on neck near back of jaw bottom of ear the lump s unfortunately not able to be removed been told 3/4 months of quality of life but had a friend who’s dog had the same and she went 2yrs.. You have mentioned in another video panacure c and krill with vitamins A and E would this help this type of cancer. Your response would be greatly appreciated.

  13. Took my dog to the vet for his annual exam and this is what the vet wanted to give him:
    DA2PP Series Vaccine
    Influenza Series H3N2 Vaccine
    Influenza Series H3N2 H3N8 Bivalent Vaccine Vaccine Influenza Series H3N8 Vaccine
    Leptospirosis Series Vaccine
    Along with year round flea and tick meds
    Heart worm test
    Bordetella series vaccine
    Anti inflammatory meds

    I declined everything. He’s 10. Why should i shoot him up with all these chemicals? So leery of vets who just want to take clients to the cleaners and sell sell sell. Sickening, really

  14. Both vet med & human med school teaches allopathic medicine. If the dr doesn't take time to learn about alternatives & no one tells them, they don't know what they don't know. I learned the hard way for my pets 1st and myself. Life changing 🙏

  15. I've been privy to the top levels of American insurance agencies in my former career life. It's truly discouraging to listen to the conversations that happen at that level regarding human life and health. After recently spending at least $2,500 for a beloved pet, I saw the exact same attitudes in practice in the veterinary field. Fortunately we were able to keep my girl healthy after spending the money but we were definitely getting to a place where we couldn't keep spending and zero alternative solutions were being offered to us. I've lost much loved family members way too soon because of these bone headed systems of medicine. I try to avoid them whenever possible.

  16. Great message of balance. As much as I would love to do everything holistically, I know there is a need for conventional at times. Currently one of my dogs is going through treatment of IMHA and we are following my vets prescription recommendations, and using lab results to determine next steps. Luckily my vet knows that I want to do as much as possible with vitamins and supplements and he supports this. But I’m not unreasonable and not willing to put his life at risk to do everything naturally. I know there has to be a balance.

  17. Why do I hear this and immediately think of my favorite K-Drama, "The King's Affection?"The doctor/scribe/tutor in the show is an herb doctor who uses his practice to prioritize the poor villagers and children, especially orphans, over the elite selfish aristocrats. (His methods and bedside manner are top-notch.) Now I need too catch up on my episodes!

  18. the ama exists to promote allopathic medicine and to get rid of every other kind of medicine.if you want a good book about this subject read Murder by injection the story of the medical conspiracy against america

  19. Thank you for talking about the balance. We are so lucky to live in times, we can get knowledge about many things. The conventional medicine is important and effective as the alternative, our duty is to find doctors, who know about both fields and who know to listen and their "drive" is to solve problems, not only to get a fat bank account. ( Its o.k. to earn money, to keep a clinic is very costly…….) You are one of them , Dr. Jones!

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