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  1. Hey bruh are gonna do something about your location at 5385 Quebec st. commerce city Colorado that is selling product with powder mildew all over it, pull your head out of your ass and take care of your business

  2. Is it possible to start working for you as a German citizen?

    If it's helpful, I can recognize girls and boys, I am experienced in crossing, and I am already a medical cannabis user 😂

  3. Cookie Campus. i love the idea. great upload and thnx for the tour Bern. need a new Instructor in the Cookies U clone room. yellowing and burning leaves with too high ppm is embarrasing Holmes. Be Blessed Yo

  4. Thank you berner for everything you do. you made sure you left an enormous impact on my life and others. thank you for opening the door for the next generation. hopefully one day ill get to toke my strains with you.

  5. They selling cookies strains here in Missouri, I was surprised when I checked my local dispensary menu and saw the cookies logo. I just got some White Runtz to try.

  6. The only problem with tik tok and these “crime stoppers” is the negativity associated with those drugs.. it’s definitely not the drugs just people associated with them. I thought weed could change the world with peace but hey many there’s something else isn’t the way with all of it. RIP 2015 Standby shipments 💯

  7. Buyer MC2STONE like 2 haller at you im from Texas been trying grow make hash rosin need lots 4 my meds had motorcycle accident 2011Brainsteam bleed I should be dead I'm hear 2 hash it out pass it on want a restaurant xannabis cafe been infusing my meals when I can late.

  8. Berner a real one , he know that guy will one day leave Cookies and do his own thing and he still spit him game and encouraged him rather than trying to hold him down.

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