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  1. I absolutely love you're history lessons and personality it's absolutely beautiful and I hope you continue to spread kindness knowledge and a passion for life for many many years love raw and love life

  2. I'm more interested in you talking about role and I guarantee you than your friends brands are and that's real not trying to be me not trying to behave forward I find it to be a great unique technique and also really appreciate the way that the 1st rolling papers were made

  3. I'm a bud tender at a legal cannabis store in Washington state called The Novel Tree in bellevue, wa and when a customer asks about papers I go straight to the raw organic hemp. High quality product, nothing competes.

  4. dude thats sick i wish i could find a place to buy organic tobacco. totally would. raw organics, 80% organic bud, 20% organic tobacco would burn great! flavoured organic tobacco wraps would be even better

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