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  1. The men cook the hangi and the women only help with the food preparation and to help to serve once cooked. The men will cover the steam when it comes out of the dirt, this helps keep the heat in the pit to ensure the food cooks properly.

  2. In New Zealand we call this cooking technique a HANGI. The difference is we heat rocks and lay our food in iron baskets. The baskets of food sit on top of the hot rocks then we cover the baskets with cloths then cover the whole pit with dirt. This stays in the ground for 3 hours then it's ready to eat ❤

  3. It's so pathetically cringe when you see someone wearing a cloth over their face, and they swipe it off just to put food in their hole but quickly throw it back on…. face cloths are dumb and no one with an ounce of intelligence wears them.

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