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  1. I've been with a holistic vet for over 40 years and I can tell you that an occasional glob of Vaseline is not going to kill your cat per his words and instructions. He just recently retired after 57 years in practice and I can tell you he never treated a cat for Vaseline intoxication/poisoning, but many for hairball blockages that could have been helped at home. ❤

  2. Dr my cat has that upper respiratory not sure what to call it those asthma or bronchial spasm attacks it usually goes away after antibiotics but this time I tried ceflex, doxycycline and azithromycin, it's not working. No other cold symptoms just that. Can't afford a vet.

  3. With all the respect, vaseline is petroleum based. I don't even use it on my skin as its toxic. Castor oil supposed to be toxic to cats. The best way to avoid hair balls is to heal the gut. It means detox with herbs and homeopathy, avoid vaccines, use probiotics. Adored beast brand uses safe non toxic holistically made products. They have leaky gut protocol that treats condition. Healthy gut = healthy body

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