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  1. 0:01: 🌿 Dr. Green Thum interviews Iron Mike Tyson in the Smoke Box, discussing their first experiences with cannabis.
    3:02: 💊 The video discusses the widespread use and addiction to powerful prescription drugs in professional sports.
    6:00: 🥊 Two fighters discuss their past fights and the impact they had on their opponents' careers.
    8:48: 🏙️ The speaker reflects on their upbringing in a tough neighborhood and expresses gratitude that their children don't have to experience the same environment.
    11:36: 👥 The importance of having a mentor and guide, especially in challenging environments like the street life.
    14:37: 🥊 Mike Tyson and his partner discuss their podcast, Hot Boxin', and its connection to Tyson Ranch.
    18:13: 🥊 Two guys discuss a UFC fight and share a memorable smoking experience with the champion.
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  2. Happy Smoked Out Holidays!!>… Thee Top Notch Guests!! Mike and B'rel cuttin' it up!!>.Let me roll one real quick!!!! I've been micro dosing shrooms for a while partially inspired by Mike's experience's he has shared. Kudos Good Sirs!

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