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  1. Our small dog has an inconsistent cough that we can’t place and assumed it was from his previous owner who dumped him n his siblings in a barrel in the summer n left him to die. When they were found they were nearly dead. Will this possibly help with that if he’s not been diagnosed with it by a vet?

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge of kindness.. My lab (black also 😊) has been struggling with her health. You have given me hope as I can't afford vet bills. Lately in NSW Australia, general 'hello I'm hearing your concerns and saying hello to your dog', costs 3 hours of wage then tests on top of that which we, the owners fit the bill of pulling out 101 conditions before they even consider the focussed condition, just for sake of not being sued. It's sending many owner broke, and heaven forbid those like me who are living week to week. We all love our dogs no matter what our financial situation. I had a quote $800 for a consult as my dog fell sick on a public holiday – pagan easter, which isn't even on Passah – the true holiday of our Messiah's sacrifice. Anyway, off on a tangent a tad, just wanted to say thank you for blessing ppl who love their furkids, who can't afford vet bills lately. Or we surrender our babies to goodness knows who, if we hand over our firkids for life saving treatment. It's all just so wrong. Thank you and asking for blessings in YeHoVaH GOD for you have really been so kind for so many.

  3. Ok, I just ordered some… my little Emily won’t take a pill so I will crush it up and give it to her with a syringe I sure hope it helps she has. She’s had a collapsed trachea for three years and she’s 18 years old. I’m not ready to lose her.🥹

  4. My 12 year old Rattie Maxi has Cushings Disease Environmental Allergies Diabetes and I told my Vet I'm giving Quercetin to Maxi and she said, GREAT! Maxi coughs and has inverted sneezing more often these days so Quercetin has been a Great help! Prednisone almost killed my dog at 5 years of age, and we never gave it ever again. QUERCETIN FOR US

  5. A little pekingese I found about a month ago coughs like that when she's been outside and it's cold out. Doesn't bother her when it's warm. I think I'll try this. She has a vet appointment for next week but if this works then so much better.

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