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  1. Ik who not to smoke with now lmfao if y’all shit smells the same everytime you only get the cheapest strain boof from one person proly 😂 proly leafy asl too got me tripping if you can’t smell your shit and tell the Diffrence between your shit you either don’t have good shit cause all bad weed smells the same or you needa go to the doctor to check ya nose legit I use the same bottle everytime I get weed and when I open it to replace it I smell it and the weed I’m about to replace it with 100 percent of the time it smells WAYYYY diffrent so idk what y’all smoking but proly should stop going to the dealer and go to an actual licensed place cause that’s proly why you can’t smell the Diffrence proly giving you the same shit over and over some boof shit too 😭😭

  2. Guess before you smell the pack,
    you clearly had already smelt ALL of those packs at a previous date 🥱 that’s not blindfolded, thats just remembering with your eyes covered fella

  3. To be fair some senses are lessened when one is taken away, for example when you plug your nose to dampen the taste of cough medicine. I can see why some people would think that you wouldn’t be able to guess which is which

  4. Dude you guess the same 5 strains, you simply dont have the pallate to do this. I challenge you to a terpine annalysis. You will get waxed by someone who doesnt center his entire life around weed. This cap is lame. And you know it.

  5. A lot of smokers especially from the UK are soooo closed minded. “ all bud tastes/smells the same”, “no such thing as different strains “ bla bla fucking bla people be smoking bins and not even know it

  6. You can hand me red man, an old school gorilla glue or purple punch and I will call out each one. Hate purple punch so much because that’s what was popular in Highschool, everyone and their mom smoked purple punch like it’s an exotic but it burns like shit, the other two are amazing and very unique

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