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  1. All the stories are great but I do like when you have a few in one Sesh Help me out when I'm at work I can't keep flicking through different 1's Thanks for asking brother And as far as the shirt's Hoodies I Them you need to get some more 2 x's I'm trying to get all of them But they're running out of shirtsAt least my size 2XGood luck and can't wait for more ShowsFrom your boy feezy

  2. Meth heads aren't as bad as crack heads in my experience they're more calmed down and unconfrontational ,when you see someone after crack they are in fight or flight mode more then someone on meth currently

  3. Bro where I live it’s the ez mart that all the crackheads chill at, but I’m not gonna lie I’ve met a few and like talked to a few, not all are bad, I talked one into doing rehab and now he’s got a wife and kids, shit sucks for those who the addiction just takes over

  4. You should do only like 2 stories per video because you can get more videos and more views and shit. Well I guess you're not monetized cause you smoke right? So I guess it doesn't matter how you do it

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