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  1. This can potentially be very dangerous! If you scrap off enamel you are damaging the tooth and causing a much more expensive vet bill! It might be best if you do a tutorial and people can weigh the risks

  2. I have to ask a very important question when I brush my dog's teeth he does not like it at all no matter what kind of toothpaste I use the beef the pork what? What would be the Best to use?

  3. Blessings and I’m looking for the hand scaler Dr or anyone who bought one, which one is the best one to get N6 N7 or which one, can someone help me out please, also if there’s a certain place you got it from like chewy or Amazon, I would appreciate it much and God Bless

  4. I brush my malamutes teeth once a week
    He is ten
    They are white and amazing
    I use bicarb soda
    I teaspoon mixed in melted coconut oil.
    Couple drops of peppermint oil.
    My husky and malamutes try to eat the paste they love it so much.
    I rinse some wet wipes and ring out well. Then apply the paste (it will reharden ), which is what you want. I gently clean teeth and gums top to front, back to front.
    I also use a mouth wash for them
    Pepermint oil in the more expensive coconut oil that stays liquid.
    I dip a half washed and rung out wet wipe… Squeeze out most of oil back into your bottle, and wipe all around gums.
    I went to let store and read the ingredients in they're oral wipes for dogs that were $39!!!!
    It is just peppermint oil in coconut.
    Go figure
    Hope this helps someone also

  5. Yes but is it necessary? My grand parents and my parents had LOTS of dogs in their life time, none of which did I ever hear they brushed or cleaned their dogs teeth. It’s only these days that a vet will take your money to clean ur dogs teeth 🤷‍♀️💸💸💸

  6. Is there any sort of toothbrushing that reduces/eliminates scaling before it gets very bad? Is it possible to do on cars also?
    I had a vet for my cats that did in office teeth cleaning just as you demonstrate here, but it seems he closed his practice during covid and, as you’ve discussed here many times, it seems veterinarians nowadays only want to do whatever will pad the bill as much as possible.

  7. Sorry Doc, my dog would absolutely “never” let me do that on her teeth……in fact her problem tooth which looks suspicious (don’t know if it’s broken), is a nasty brown in color and it’s way in the back…….she already had three teeth extracted on the other side which one was broken and the other two infected……cost me $1200 two years ago….. she’s been doing that protruding of the tongue and I’m wondering if she has any tooth pain so I’ll have to go to the vet pretty soon I don’t want her to suffer…..And I do brush her teeth which she likes but only for a short time and I do get the brush way in the back…..after several times she wants me to quit….but she’s good about it…..and I praise her……I made your Shampoo Formula for her seasonal allergies….worked great tks and I don’t have as many weeds out on the grass now so her allergies have subsided considerably, but I had to take her to the vet to get a shot of Cytopoint and that helped tremendously…… she was so bad. She needed relief right away. I didn’t have time to buy all the ingredients needed for a holistic formula….love hearing from you and watching all your videos! 🥰👵🏻 p.s.-Tula is a sweetheart!

  8. Hello! idk if u already have a video up but if u have the time to answer can u suggest a water additive that we can trust? I've seen some on Amazon that ends up getting dogs sick or killed.

  9. My Dog has been grinding teeth on fence and the 4 big fangs are sharp and looks like the teeth have been filed down , Now he is 4 not more fences but now so I guess I’m going to have sum dental issues. any advice ???

  10. I've been doing this for a few years at least, I had a professional come and do it 5 or so years ago but it was super expensive. My older Border Collie seems to not be interested in bones anymore. I use a little dish with water and iodine in it and cut up 8 small bits of paper towel (dipped in the water) to wipe the teeth after scraping.

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