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  1. I'm sorry but I never subscribed to mammary cancer. I think for myself and why in the world would nature go against nature? Why don't other animals who go into heat have cancer? We raised and bred horses and none of them got cancer. Come on people think. Women who have hysterectomies have a lot of issues after due to the unnatural loss of hormones at an early age. Yes, people need to be responsible for their dogs and unfortunately the animals suffer both ways do to this. I am responsible, I live in the country my dogs are not spayed.

  2. Human babies should be sterilized at birth, too. 😂

    Wait. Transgenderism, they are doing it already….

    I don't trust anything vets or doctors say anymore. And I certainly don't trust any injections.

    It's amazing how high the cancer rates are in vaccinated animals by the way.

    Vets and doctors do not care about the subject's health but making money

  3. I believe taking away any hormones in animals and humans create more problems and illness. Women suffer with menopause because of lack of hormones, which affects the quality of there life . Animals are the same, they suffer from the moment they have had this surgery. And how do you ever know if that surgery doesn't cause pain if not done expertly. Leave them how they were created. Food , toxins, and chemicals are what make animals ill most of the time. Main stream Drs only know symptom then drug. Mainstream vets are the Same. They dont know about health just dangerous drugs with dreadful side effect! Its all about money, illness is big profit so therefore do plenty of research from Holistic vets and the latest info out there before making any decision to have anything done to your pet or before you give your animal any toxic medication. Which I have never seen heal anything. Just disguises the problem. ❤🐕❤

  4. Absolutely true!! This needs to be spread far and wide. Also there is no need to do traditional spaying. We have had only the ovaries removed for decades and there has never been any problems with the uterus or cancer. It is also less invasive and a much easier recovery.

  5. My fiance died from surgery complications. I was lost. I got a wheaten terrier. Thought I would breed her but no breeders return my call. Now I have an eight-year-old dog, not fixed, and I'm scared to death of putting her under anesthesia and I'm scared of surgery complications. She has been my world since Steve died.

    My first Wheaten Terrier got spayed around three years old, after she had one litter (oops, the neighbors dog got to her). She went through SERIOUS depression for 6 months. It was heartbreaking. She finally came out of it 9 months after the surgery,, when the vet was about to put her on antidepressants.

    There's two reasons right there, as to why my current Wheaton is not fixed. I live in the country and I just don't take her around other dogs when she's in heat. Her heat cycles are very light other than humping a pillow occasionally. LOL. I do worry that I've waited too long and why should I do it now at 8 years old?

  6. Thanks to Bob Barker 1980s Spaying and Neutering message “Help control the animal population, have your pet spayed or neutered.”
    Betty White message : If everyone took personal responsibility for their animals, we wouldn't have a lot of the animal problems that we do. I'm a big spay-and-neuter supporter. Don't have babies if you're not going to take care of those babies. We don't need more. We just need to take care of the ones we have. Take responsibility and breathe kindness.

    young dogs and puppies are screw at a young age of losing their hormones when vets remove their sex organs. Spayed (Females) dogs and Neutered (male) dogs health suffer more than cats.

  7. My Golden was neutered b4 6 month old and he died at 15. My maltipoo was spayed b4 6 month old and she'll be 13 in Oct 2023. No health issues. I did lose a Boxer at 12 due to mast cell cancer and 2 male pekes at 11 and 9 respectively. All were spayed/neutered b4 6 month old.

  8. i don’t doubt the expressed here, but the situation with strays in Houston and in Texas in general is like a horror movie that never ends, TNR and spaying and neutering are the only thing that very mildly helps 😫

  9. Thanks! Anything similar for cats? Based on your dog vid a while back, I let my cat mature to 17 months before spaying her. I wanted to wait until 2 years but she was in heat every three weeks and peeing everywhere so I was at my wit's end. The peeing has resolved now that she's fixed.

  10. I’ve lost all faith in the medical professionals including human since they forced 💉. I’ve woken up to realise it’s not about our health but $$$$$ and pure evil. If something wasn’t meant to be there , then God would not have put it there. I will not neuter my precious chihuahua at any age. Thank you Dr Jones, you are an Angel for our fur babies. ❤️

  11. My girl is a Labrador Retriever and she is 9years 6months old and never been spayed, she is still like a puppy. I check her mammary glands whenever she is on heat and also if she has a phantom pregnancy I will massage her mammary glands to keep them soft so she doesn't get mastitis.
    She runs and jumps around the same as she did as a puppy and has had no major visits to the vets, just for vaccinations which were required for her to qualify as a service canine 😊

  12. My English Lab has cryptorchidism he’s currently 8 months old and only one ball has descended. What would be your suggestion on neutering him? I’m told he’s at high risk for cancer due to this. One vet suggested 1 year one suggested he gets it done at 2. I feel lost and want the best for him to have healthy long life.

  13. This was so helpful as I'm about to adopt 2 puppies. I looked at your links as you said the chart for different breeds suggested spay/neutral age & can't find that chart??

  14. Just had my Boston Terrier spayed at 2 years old, her personality and her loving affection has stayed the same, thank God! I got her at 2 months and from the get go, I stopped feeding her kibble, I cook my own “dog food.” I have a chihuahua that will be turning 16 years old next month. I neutered him as an adult no issues. I believe that their diet plays a major role too, no kibble and no water from the faucet.

  15. I can provide you with 35yrs of real-time experience with large dogs to help in your timing decision…….Males & females………Anatolian & Great Pyrs……….I live on a remote farm, Male dogs I've NEVER neutered……….Females …1year 10mo, that's 2 mo after their max growth…..just before the second heat…………..ALL these dogs had joint issues , every single one !!!

  16. I don't trust vets, our closest one here in UK purchased a new x-ray machine, so doesn't matter what you take my dog in for they say, oh you should really have an x-ray to be safe, how much? £500 that is before they do any thing or the price of the visit. I am trying to find a good kind caring honest vet at this moment.

  17. Dr. Jones…This is an important subject and I listen intently and agree to what you’re recommending, but I can’t help but watch Tula. She’s so patient and agreeable to whatever you’re doing and looks up to you often. What a sweetheart!

  18. You either get cancer or you don't, I don't believe that spay/neuter makes a difference one way or another. Sure, maybe it might prevent ovarian cancer because the ovaries are gone, but the cancer will just choose a different organ(s) to attack, really… At the end of the day, it comes down to healthy food, environment and lifestyle.

    Regarding the last point, it would be interesting to see city dog vs country dog, now that 5g is apparently in play in all urban centers. Last time I went into the city, I noticed the 5g icon come on on my phone. Developed a mild headache that did not disappear until I was back out in the country on my way home. If that's all I got from the radiation, imagine what it might be doing to all the humans and their pets that are bathed in it 24/7…

  19. It seems like common sense not to spay or neuter before the growth transformation that takes place in puberty, hormones are needed to fuel that transformation from child to adult body. Stunting puberty growth in anyone would have long term healthy consequences.

  20. Keeping female goldens intact? Yeah, that's a recipe for pyometra. (And yes, my female golden did end up getting pyometra and had to have emergency surgery when I was a kid.) She did have cancer (which has always been an issue for goldens) but I was adamant (and eventually old enough to work and pay for her care myself.) She lived to be 19 years old, and less than one month to her 20th birthday.
    Not to mention, there are far too many pets in the world right now and too many backyard breeders. Anyone considering breeding should be forced to work at a shelter for a year and assist with the euthanasias. We used to have to euthanize to the tune of 20 dogs and 40 cats every single fucking day. Perfectly good animals. It's been decades, but I still have nightmares over it.

  21. As a trainer/behaviourist I see more dogs develop behavioural issues that are spayed/neutered at an early age. It doesn’t allow them to mentally mature and develop confidence if they are anxious. Luckily in the uk more and more vets are suggesting later neutering. We don’t really have an issue with strays in our country and people that are going to breed will regardless.
    My male is 8 and still has his testicles. Never had an issue. My female had to seasons then she was spayed.

  22. Haven't fixed my dog because I feel like it would hurt her really bad. Having a full hysterectomy and stopping all the natural hormones. Now cats are different. It's very difficult to keep a cat in your home that is not spayed or neutered their behavior is just horrible. Female cats howl incessantly and male cats spray incessantly. Great for outside cats though. Not a house cat

  23. Gut punch…just got my male 3 year old dobe neutered 8 weeks ago. Sigh….. But the female dobe pup will not be spayed. If only I could have just gotten a vasectomy!!! Why isn't that offered?????

  24. vet in germany will refuse to spay / neutering dog before 2 years of age, and it is not very common anyway. unless there is a problem,many will just leave them intact. and we do not see many street dogs because of it..

  25. All rescues neuter and spay their animals before they can be adopted here ..
    It was always recommended to neuter your males before they started marking their territory..stops aggression etc …
    . I now feel bad about thinking I've done the right thing with all my pets and instead of lengthening their lives I may have shortened them

  26. Thank you for a great video…. what about vasectomy in the case of male dogs and tubal ligation in the case of females? Surely that is an even better solution.? The sex hormones are surely important for all stages of life, not just 2-3 years, and the body is not designed by accident… There are no "spare" or unnecessary parts….

  27. I feel So guilty for having my pup neutered at 4 months which our vet recommended..then at the dog park none of the owners of pups were having theirs spade or neutered ..until at least 18 months .. as it was now recommended ..

  28. My vet advised me, many years ago, that he ONLY reason to spay/neuter any dog is to prevent unwanted breeding and that for male dogs a vasectomy is a better option. I don't know if bitches can have their fallopian tubes cut/tied off but surely that would be a better option than a full hysterectomy 🤔

  29. Was going to have this conversation next week with my vet my dog is 2 now I really don't even want to get her spayed I would love her to stay as nature intended but I feel forced to spay her 🫤🩵

  30. I had my girl done last February, over a year now. She was 10yrs. I felt a good innings for her bones and not getting osteoporosis.
    I did it because she was getting seizures due to hormones in season.
    A year on and she's still going into season but without bleeding. Last week due to still being on heat. In all ways, except bleeding, she had a really bad time if it. Skin goes black, ears get fungal, paw chewing, all the symptoms of being in season. A huge seizure last week 😢
    I'm having to take her back now.

  31. My dog just passed with Mammary cancer, age 5 she was spayed still came into heat, and then very quickly developed mammary cancer, I really don't think spaying is the answer, the other bitch spayed age 3 and is now 5 has bladder issues and is as in good shape. I am sorry I ever asked a vet to intervene just leave them the hell alone.

  32. My dog will be 2 years old in June,our vet recommended like you they normally advise to let her have 1 or 2 seasons just to make sure everything is working properly, then wait 3 months after that.
    She actually looked quite cute in size 6 pull ups for bedtime, lol.
    Thank you for your advice.😊

  33. First, I truly appreciate Dr. Jones and all the important information he shares in his videos. Recently, the spay/neuter debate has been a hot topic on several YouTube vet channels. I agree with the research and reasoning behind waiting to spay/neuter. Unfortunately, all these videos have caused extreme anxiety for me. I believe I am doing everything right for my dogs: feeding only raw foods, choosing organic options when available, supplementing their diet with vitamins, pro and prebiotics, joint and immune support, and many other positive lifestyle options. Three of my dogs are rescues. Sadly, they were all spayed/neutered bofore they came to live with me as it is an adoption condition with every rescue. My two recent additions, Chiweenie siblings, were spayed and neutered at 10 weeks old. Now, because of these videos, I am terrified about what could happen to their health in the coming years.

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