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  1. OG’s imo represent the very best qualities of what weed has to offer and that’s why they’re my favorite. You guys really touched on it, all the exotic stuff while fun and has its place, I always reach for my og’s when it’s time to 💨

  2. Remember trimming dogwalker in Portland summer 2017. I didn't like chem back then, actually i avoid it if possible. But it was done nice and it was fresh so i smoked some and the head high was very cerebral kinda tingly. Glad that's it's still around in pure form. 💚

  3. I have 11 Dream Machine raging right now, and the stem rubs coming from a few of them have me so fucking hyped, smells i haven't smelled in 10 years (I will also note around 1/3 of them have some crazy sweet z terps mixed with that old school spiciness, omg i cant wait)

  4. The reason OG died down is because it doesn’t have the selling power it used to.
    No one enjoyed growing OG. It’s a pain in the ass. Most OGs stretch like crazy, internodal spacing is ass. The worst thing is a lot of them won’t even bulk up on those spaces out nodes so you get “kush berries” which is where the name OGKB came from.
    The only OG I’ve seen worth growing is Godfather OG. That shit grows cans on top. I have one in my tent right now pushing into week 9 and it’s stupid how dense and fat everything is.
    I would argue if we didn’t try to maintain the purity of OG during the OG craze it would have stuck more.
    Just cause most guys decided very quickly to stop growing it once it wasn’t hype. It’s just not worth it 9.9 times out of 10.

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