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  1. Oh my gosh neurontin is so over prescribed for too many different things. there's just so many alternatives out there besides gabapentin the generic name for neurontin. 😢😢😢 I am actually on my third vet because of this. my cat and the chronic kidney disease (CKD) and they just will not give her an NSAID or something different they refuse they absolutely outright refuse Three vets later I'm now looking for my fourth vet and my cat is not suffering thank goodness and the good Lord but it's absurd to me as the pet owner when there are alternatives out there and the vet refuses to speak about anything but neurontin With all 3 visits the doctor being so rude as to actually say I refuse to speak about anything thing else either your cat takes it or don't come back and not quite verbatim but all 3 vets said almost the identical words. Which is terrible because some days now that it just started progressing he gets aches, he's 16. ❤

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