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  1. I've been using DMSO for years. The thing about it though is you have to make sure that the skin is very very clean because it will draw anything in to the bloodstream. I used it to heal a pressure ulcer that my mother got in the hospital. The hospital told me that it would never heal and we have healed three of them so far with DMSO and silver. I mix it with a little colloidal silver and a little bit of aloe and spray it on cuts and it will heal them overnight.. The stuff is amazing! I'm glad you're bringing it out there for people to know about it! Thank you!

  2. Not only has DMSO antiinflamatory and pain relief properties, but thanks to it's ability to bring whatewer taken with it to a deeper tissue (distribution) I use it as a solvent for my tinctures instead of alcohol…and yes i use it in plethora of conditions in people too….Gaut pains and swollen joints (comfrey in DMSO tincture)…..tooth infections(cloves in DMSO tincture and so on….not only is the resulting tincture many times stronger, but the maceration is fast as a flash (i take the first drops with a dropper after 48hrs)…it's absolutely briliant substance

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