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  1. Thank you for this video! I was wondering if I can get your advice. I had a titer test done for my dog (Shih Tzu) last year when he was 1 yrs old. The test is for Parvo and Distemper (the less expensive test). His results showed he was positive for immune response from parvo but not distemper. I wanted him re-vaccinated only for distemper but the Vet only carried the combo (DAP) vaccine and I was not able find a clinic in my city in Alberta that offers single dose vaccines. I decided not to get my dog vaccinated since I learned that immune system has “memory” but I did go ahead with the 3yr rabies. I would prefer not to get him vaccinated for rabies again as he had rashes on his chest which I noticed the day after. My Vet would not confirm if that was related to the rabies booster. Would you recommend that I have my dog boosted for the core vaccines on his next exam or do the more expensive titer tests (DAP + Rabies) to get a more confirmed results of immunity? I would appreciate any guidance you can provide. Thank you!

  2. I lost my last dog to leptospirosis. He was vaccinated, there are 2 vaccines, lepto2 (2 variants) and lepto4 (4 variants) according to the vet hospital there are 20 variants. Lepto4 vaccine has some history of side affects. He suffered terribly before we decided to end his suffering.

  3. Thank you so so very much I feel like our little babies are a science experiment it’s absolutely crazy I have lost to old age but cancer as well but I really do feel they could have lived longer and more to 12 to 15 years but I have had two mixed breeds make it to 20 years and one cat two 21 years old it’s always sad to say goodbye but all 3 of my pure breeds went at age predicted my bassist was my last life span around 12 years old but with him food was better so his health was better but he still got cancer near his heart as the tumor grew it was heart breaking medication help a lot but then it didn’t he would have these episodes that would last a day of just not holding down food water was very much in pain so I would stay up 24 hours with medication we got through it but then it’s 42 hours then 72 hours it was so heartbreaking I had my vet monitor everything we both agreed he was in to much pain the episodes were coming close and closer I had to do what was best for him it was the absolute worst thing that I had ever had to do he was such a love and my big protector he just didn’t want to leave me but the pain was just heartbreaking to watch him go through it so I held him and said goodbye he looked into my eyes and kisses until he was gone it was all I could do it took me 4 years after him to get another dog I rescued from the pound and that was hard they don’t give to a choice on shots she was still intact but they would not let her be adopted until she was fixed which I don’t agree with all my animals have been intact I did not breed them I just felt it mess them up the cat had her tubes tied felt that was the least invasive and very difficult to find a vet to do just that not take everything out she lived to 21 years old I completely agree with you and I thank you for your voice for all the fur babies out there God bless you

  4. You have helped us so much we have such happy pets now especially with your homemade dogfood we had a 12 year old that struggled for years with food allergies I tried your recipe she loves it and no more pooping blood vomiting and itching.

  5. The world is full of over-opinionated armchair critics who clearly do not think before they speak (is there a vaccine for that?). The same critics (Deb and Miss Katie) obviously gained some information at some point in their life regarding vaccines (and we all know that a little bit of knowledge can be dangerous) and now find it appropriate to contest anyone and everything that conflicts with their way of thinking. Well guess what critics? Sometimes we are mislead by others (and intentionally so). You were probably told to get a raft of unnecessary vaccines for your poor pet because money-making was your Vets paramount consideration (and not the genuine care of your animal). Let us turn the tables … how would you feel getting 10 x yearly vaccinations running through your system all because one persons opinion that you deemed was 'gospel truth' mattered to you. Shame on you! Think before you speak and learn to put yourself in your pets situation. And what valuable contribution have you made to the world? The sooner we all wake up to the preferred natural approach to the love and care of our animals, the sooner BIG PHARMA becomes irrelevant and broke! Prevention is always the best cure. Diet is key. Blessings to you Dr Jones.

  6. THANK YOU! The vets in Texas pressure us to get an $100 annual package of rabies, bordatella, influenza, and 2 others….without an exam and regardless of our pups social habits. The more I abided by their “recommendations” to prevent illnesses the more sickly my dogs became with suspicious lumps and allergies. I have begun refusing.

  7. I need a little help. I think my vet made the qrong diagnosis. The corner of his lip gets crusty, and he scratches it and won't let me touch it. She thought it was a bad tooth and said he is too old to get it pulled, but he chews his food on that side. I am thinking it's a skin infection. What do you think, and what can I use to help? He is on antibiotics for about 5 more days.

    Also, he has a little bald spot on top his nose and it seems the same thing is starting to happen on the other side of his mouth.

  8. I trust you very much, Dr. Jones, but I'm sad about the comments of people, that show a lot of aggressions, and probably many people don't know, how the immune system works. ( pharma: moneymakingmachine, I'msorry, you took the covid vaccine, detox after vaccination…… )
    Of corse it's good, to think about everything, that touches our lives and our pets lives, but we should get informed well.
    Vaccines keeps away illnesses much more than they cause illnesses. It's a fact.
    Every industry is a money making machine, also agriculture and organic food industry…… Why should someone, who got covid vaccination be sorry, if he didn't suffer from side effects? ……..
    This demonstration of self righteousness doesn't pass well…….

  9. I actually saw a small shih tzu collapse and almost died after getting her vaccination at the vet clinic (filmed by the owner and posted on youtube). After the vet tried CPR and injecting something into the poor dog, the dog finally started breathing. The vet said to the owner that the dog just had an anaphylactic shock. Well, if the vaccine dose given to a small dog is the same as the medium to large breeds, I no longer wonder why a lot of small dogs die due to the jabs aside from future side effects.
    Our own 5 pups died after getting their 5-1 vaccine, one after the other. They were a mix of chihuahua and shih tzu.

  10. I have a twelve-year-old miniature poodle I got her when she was 6 months old from a breeder those were all the vaccines she ever had she's never had any senseI have a twelve-year-old miniature poodle I got her when she was 6 months old from a breeder those were all the vaccines she ever had she's never had any sense She's healthy and happy blind and death but all due to mother nature not chemicals we've got to get away from the chemicals people they're so bad for us and our pets Listen to doctor Jones he knows what hes talking about.

  11. Gosh, I felt this was the case but in January they gave the "recommended" vac's. Now my 13 yr old has lumps on his skin, itching then what was either a stroke or a seizure. He came out of it. He is now on Keto. Praying this helps. No more vac's. ps. I was Vacks injured with a flu shot. Been there, done that, left it all behind.

  12. Every time I took my immune compromised German Shepard to the vet she pushed for vaccines and I always said no . She had them when she was a poppy and would never allow my companion to get anything else injected in her body. We now know the truth and the agenda behind this business.

  13. Bravo – you are a good vet 💚I worked myself 26 years in the medical field and learned that you might need a booster every 10 years if you do not have antibodies anymore – your immune system has a memory for viruses and is very well equipped to handle what ever comes it’s way – I’am sorry you took the Covid vaccine 💔

  14. In my area the Vets here won't even see your dog if they don't have a rabies shot. My dog is 12 now. 3 years ago she had to have a rabies shot because I was moving. Now she has pancreatitis. Big pharma will be the death of us all.

  15. i got conned by a Vet into boosting my 8 year old dog (he said there is Parvo in the area-found out later it was BS) she died 3 months later from STS (soft tissue sarcoma) in a old muscle injury below the injection site.. i asked the new Vet and she said it "The booster MAY have caused the sts" but she wouldn't confirm it for sure. I loved that dog so much she was a beautiful sassy soul. People if you are unsure get a TITER/TITRE test. So many vets are only wanting the Money wheel to keep turning into their pockets!

  16. The vet gave my puppy a coronavirus Vax without asking me. He was only 12 weeks. I don't trust any vet now. They want to pump them full of poison!! Never again. He's 1 year old now.

  17. I’m shocked you took the cV vax. No way in hell I will. Your vax protocol for dogs is what I’ve been doing for about 30. Before that, get bills sick dogs. After, dogs dying of old age without major health issues prior. I was a breeder for many years. This very limited vax program worked great for me and my dogs.

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