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  1. The day where you meet him shall come again , your dad lived his life and so should you we never know when our time will come it could be tomorrow it could be next week or even 40 years from now , live life to the fullest and be happy so that if tomorrow was your last day you won’t have any regrets

  2. Dang man I’m sorry that happened and you feel this way. He seems like he was a really cool guy. Life can be cruel but if u fight through it there is always more good out there and more things to try. Keep on going brother. Stay lifted

  3. ive been with you for so long Nate. i know how hard it is. all of us, someday in our lives, we have to experience and endure through the tremendous pain. it still lingers. i know. stay strong nate, there’s so much more in life to look up to. keep moving, keep going. someday you will find what you’ve always been destined to do. we’re here for you. love you Nate, you deserve so much more attention. peace ✌️🕊️☮️

  4. I'm sorry that your dad passed away from this cruel disease. You may or may not believe this, but man's hope is not in his world but in the world to come through Jesus Christ. Try Jesus. He died on the cross for you to have hope, peace and eternal life. Ask him to come into your life and forgive you of your sins. Your life will never be the same. Read the Bible and find a true Bible believing church so that you can learn more about your creator who loves you more than you love yourself.

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