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  1. Dr Jones I just notice my female 10 year old terrier mix, has an extra little molar tooth attached to the last molar tooth on her left side. She does not have it on her right side. Also it is a weird strange gray color not ivory like all her other teeth. She doesn't have any pain when I press on it or brush it. Is this decay? She had a health exam and teeth checked with her regular vet and then straight away I booked an awake teeth cleaning because thats all that she recommended for her little bit of tartar build up. How can they both over look this gray tooth? I wonder if it was damaged during cleaning? Just wanted your thought as it doesn't appear to be infected to me. I will take her back to my vet to take a look. Wanted your opinion on what it could be and if I HAVE to pull it? I don't want to do anesthesia

  2. I've done titers on my dogs for decades and none of them have ever needed follow up vaccines, not even the rabies. Tests have always come back with my dogs well covered and protected, some even 18 yrs later. Always do titers first and always be sure the vet provides you a copy of the results.

  3. I just stay clear away from vetinarians cause of this reason to many freaking vaccines 🤯🤯 I wish there were vets like you ❤ then I would take my dog to a vetinarian love you dr Jones😊

  4. Thank you. My dog has long life illness due to last vaccine. I'm not trying to be a party pooper, but his just a different dog always sick, auto immune disease constant veterinary care. I'm sorry I didn't research deeper.

  5. I do not agree with all these vaccines for dogs. My vet knew it too and this past March )after many times I told him do not ever give my Pekingese a flu shot and to give her a low dose of rabies because she has such a bad reaction, they not only gave her the full dose of rabies, they gave her the flu AND Covid shot. I did not know it at the time until a couple of weeks later I noticed she was vomiting every other day, she was losing a lot of hair and she has weepy eyes. I took her to another vet in May and they have never given a pet the Covid shot. Now she is on a strict diet, but still vomits at least once a week and her eyes still stay weepy all the time, even after two rounds of meds for her. Needless to say I am beyond PISSED that they did this to my 5 year old sweet Peke. Now I worry about her longevity. The one I had before her lived to be 16 years old.

  6. Happy Thursday!!💲❤️💲
    I have a quick question it don't have anything to do with the video. So my 8 year old pitbull, Ms. Letty Lorraine Has been getting ear infections like crazy I started feeding her Purina One, venison and Turkey. Dry dog could that be the reason she could be getting those ear infections is from that food and if so and I switch her food, what would you recommend? I just feel so bad for my poor girl. With her ear infections I followed one of your ear infection videos and thank you very, very much because it is helping her. Her ear is getting better. This is the 3rd day and her ear is already getting better.
    Ms.Letty Lorraine and I thank you.

  7. This sound is too confusing. I had trouble understanding both of you. Could you please put out another version with individual clips and your commentary? This information is too important to leave scrambled. P.S. 25 years ago I was told by a vet in a college class that a study showed antibodies protecting against Rabies 10 years after vaccination. He was usually even-tempered, but on this occasion he was livid, about the once a year boosters.

  8. My dog never had vaccines and he is healthy at 14 year almost now. All vaccines for animals or human are dangereous. I saw a veterian telling that he will never give vaccines to animals- tired and sad to see those animals coming back from cancer, liver problems and more other diseases and dying. Medications is bad to. Even that vet said that empire that he will never give a vaccines in his life and tired that they push vet to do it. Healing by plants and UNIVERS

  9. I refuse any vaccines for my cats for the longest time. Some doctors are very understanding and some i had to stand my ground with. But they know if you are insistent they eventually accept it because they don’t want to lose the money for the procedure. My cat had to be neutered and the doctor gave me a song and dance routine about the NY laws bla bla bla I refused. He then made me sign a document that i take responsibility which is fine with me at least i know my cats won’t get any side effects from these poisons.

  10. I was talking to a lady who has a puppy, and I told her about most veterinarians vaccinate the dogs way too much and for her to watch out for that.. but she said if I don’t get my my dog vaccinated I can’t go to a groomer to get my dog groomed… so what does that person do?

  11. Imo It is all a con like most things nowadays.. but just to let you know i have had many, many dogs in my life & i only do one vac…. at the beginning of pup stages then no more & all my dogs have never had any diseases & have lived ripe old ages of over 14 yrs. Yet more & more dogs die because of Vac overdoses.. like humans.

  12. What is the exact title of that research paper? My dog received the 5 in 1 shot in January of this year. Within the last two weeks she has become deathly ill they have diagnosed her tentatively with an autoimmune disorder that has affected her white cells(72,000), lymphocytes(greater than 2000), platelets( her platelet count on admission was 31. Now's that she was started on various medications and chemotherapy her platelet and a blood transfusion her platelet count is come up to 275). I have spent little over almost $3,000 on treatment. she was in the hospital for a little over a week with IVs antibiotics chemotherapy medications, blood transfusion and yet I'm told she does not have leukemia or lymphoma but she has an autoimmune disorder. I would like to look up article make a copy of it for my veterinarian cuz I think they think I'm crazy. They ruled out that she hadn't been poisoned. They laugh at me when I say is it from her heartworm medicine or her flea tick medicine. I even suggested it maybe from her vaccinations that you got in January. All I want is the name of that article so I can review it for myself.

  13. We adopted our dog last spring, and they did vaccinate him. I was going to try to avoid many more! Can you please tell me which vaccines you think he should definitely have!!??

  14. Oh I watch Rachel as well as you 💫👍🐾. Just like us humans, we are definitely being over vaccinated. Thank you dear doctor for your devotion to REAL health in our beloved fur babies 💗💗💗🕊🌻🍂 !!! So appreciated

  15. Honestly, I’ve only ever had my dogs and cats vaccinated when they were little and then again at 12 months. And none of them (touch wood) have gotten diseases or viruses.

    But I think my sweet 10 yr old staffy/pitty has a problem with her kidneys at the moment, she is drinking excessively 😔

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