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  1. My cockapoo/yorkie got ring worm a couple years ago, but no one would sell a treatment without a trip to the vet. I ordered a remedy from Amazon, but that was going to take a few days and I knew it could spread. I heard that applying apple cider vinegar to the site would kill it, so I tried it. Most was gone in a day. All was gone in two days. I didn't need the medicine that arrived in 3 days. The actual cure cost me nothing as I had the answer in my own house.

  2. I’m not really sure what’s going on with my dog.. I’ve been listening to some of your videos, which is really awesome… I was rubbing my dogs chest and I felt this bump and I looked at it and it was like a little sore. It looked like it was kind of like pus. It was brown, and the skin around it was red. I remember hearing the same rubbing coconut oil on sores I think you said that.. anyways that’s what I did right away. I rubbed coconut oil on her the sore is gone. The redness is still there a little bit of the coconut oil seems to be working…. I took her to the vet yesterday, June 10 and he looked at her. He didn’t tell me what it was. He just prescribe some cream. I got him to look in her ears. He said it her ears and she sounded good and everything… but she doesn’t seem to be as active as she normally is… I’m wondering about the melatonin as well I don’t know what brand to get???? Could you suggest something for me to give her to help her with her pain? I see you say ASA. Which is aspirin, right? When I’ve researched things they say not to give dogs, aspirin. I did go up to Amazon to buy your book because I can’t read your e-book on computer too hard on my eyes.

  3. Your videos are always SUUUPER helpful. I am in another summer of struggling with our dog who has terrible itching and licks his paws consistently to the point they’re almost raw sometimes every summer. the vet says she thinks it’s allergies but like you said I am not interested in an $800 steroid shot. Ordering Zyrtec now.

  4. Dr Jones thanks so much for all of your care and concern for the pet parents out there. Your tips save us money and educate us so we can better advocate for our pets. ❤ ❤❤
    You are looking well and quite happy 🌼🐶

  5. I am totally blind and I am using voiceover on my iPhone. I cannot find the link to get the e-book. Could someone send it to me? Thanks in advance. I'm sure the book would come in handy. I have a yellow lab guide dog and I have a female Akita. They are both 12 years old.

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