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  1. I'll never turn down some cross fade, variety is the spice of life
    *****read the next part mad fast*****
    **your results may vary, consult local heads for guidance, always expect it to hit when you least want it, get where youre going for proper enjoyment. Some maybe all side effects are why we eat them so if you: dont like fun, want not to be happy or just kinda suck or youre a cop. Do not consume**

  2. Hey guys! BRANDON RUST y’all need to get this guy on to talk about growing he is the best I’ve ever seen at explaining the science of it we’re even a dum bama boy like me can understand. He is sooooo good!

  3. 10mgs is what the medical community allows in a dose. Kids if you are new to it please stay away from the crazy high dose candy. Its not fun if you over do it. Plus in the long run it will increase your tolerance to a point that is financially unpleasant.

  4. The first time I did edibles I was on my way to a revolution Reggae concert, someone gave me a candy bar and as usual I thought you were supposed to eat the whole Thang, I wasn't I was only supposed to eat 1 square I do not remember any of the concerned at all only half the ride home LOL

  5. one time i ate edibles and was disappointed thinking they didnt work. we went to mcdonalds and sat down to eat but i could eat my cheeseburger because it was smiling at me. i then realized they were effective.

  6. Get a magic butter machine make sure you use high-quality grain alcohol like Everclear if you're going to do an extraction and make sure you look up The Flash points of said High grain alcohol so that you do not hurt yourself💯 you can cook that off real low and slow on the stove and then put your gelatin mix into it let that liquify then pour into your mold boom you got your own gummiez

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