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  1. My dogs have never been able to use flea collars or the oil on the back or the oral flea and tic meds. It almost killed Mt chihuahua/ Jack Russell Terrier back in 2005 . I will never use any type of flea and tick meds for my animals ever since. I have learned my lesson. All natural is the way to go. ❤

  2. A friend was diagnosed with cancer, is getting treatment, now the Vet said her dog might have cancer. Does anyone know a natural treatment please? Ivermectin and Fenbendazole?

  3. Im not sure about fleas but my dog was very allergic to grass and fleas. Our vet suggested nutritional yeast in the dog food. Our dog was practically overnight immune to fleas and his fur grew back in just a few weeks.

  4. I went to order some of these years ago and thankfully cancelled my order once I read up on the side effects.. So sorry to see so many pets have suffered due to these. 😥

  5. Thank you doctor for all your great advice. So wonderful and l amazed what the government is telling us is safe to use on our pets. So terrible. I will follow your great advice. Thank you and God bless!❤

  6. Thank u for pointing this out !!❤ I lost 4 cats to Wondercide all natural flea & tick spray. 2 died at home quickly and 2 had to be put to sleep, my vet said she sees a lot of this unfortunately, how can they sell this poison and say its "safe for dogs & cats " I just thank God I didnt put it on all my cats, !!! This is wrong !! I thought I was doing good by using a product that was "all natural " and my cats died !!! How cam they get away with killing our pets ??? And what can I use that is safe for my cats ?? Please help ❤

  7. Thank you, Doc!
    The FDA, like most gov't agencies, doesn't do their jobs. I believe the FDA doesn't even try!
    They need to be cut in their budget and if they STILL can't get it right, start cutting positions. We should not be paying for protection that we aren't getting!
    More of the same for other agencies.✌🇺🇸

  8. I have a feral cat I took inside to try to socialize her& find her a new home. She came with fleas & since I can't get near her, we put a seresto collar on her after trapping her with a towel. Maybe 3 yrs later, the vet took off the collar & said it was hard (liability to hang her on this stiff collar).. anyway, I didn't see any reactions then but since a year ago she's licking at these red angry furless areas on her body & I'm wondering if this is a long term side effect. She got the seresto collar on in 2018 and off in 2022. 😢 I figured although the collar was still on her, it was no longer working& "dead" for losing its effectiveness.

  9. Food grade DE is meant to be mixed with a liquid. They can inhale it otherwise and it can harm them. It can also be very drying and cause extreme skin irritation. It is not a low risk solution.

  10. What do you think about Permethrin oil? I understand it's a synthetic version of naturally derived oil from Chrysanthemums. Good applied topically in small drops down dog's back like a "squirt on"? for flea and tick repelling?

  11. You need to be extremely careful about using diatomaceous earth because it can dehydrate the lungs if breathed in… from the research I've seen after it happened to my dog even though I was very vigilant.

  12. It’s a good idea to do this outside too. I did it indoors and put on a little too much :/ i was able to slowly comb it out but it def made me sneeze. But don’t worry. If you inhale a small amount its ok. And it really does work!

  13. We have two dogs and about a dozen cats. I worry about them, inhaling the diatomaceous earth. With that many animals running through the house and playing, would it get airborne? Or does it stay in place pretty good?

  14. I once owned 10 American pitbull terriers. And one Chihuahua and a yorkie. Never ever have I seen a flea on my dogs. I use Avon Skin so Soft.. Original formula. It works I bathe my dogs and then massage it in their skin. I also would put it on their Dog collars and harnesses.

  15. You are truly a god send for pet owners like me and my fur babies ❤
    I’m mostly a holistic person due to my Native American and Irish heritage and when you mention that to most vets or drs you get a side. Even when the “remedy” is proven to work.
    We appreciate you and your time

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