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  1. mate if your so ill with anxiety and all the rest of it how come you go jet settin across the world, your making a mockery of the legal medical uses allowed in the uk because you can afford, millions cant and need to access it but you come on hyper and bangin weed reviews and if you questioned you hide behide fake medical reasons, why do you contact mps and msm and use your voice to help sick people in the uk or are you just a spoilt wee mummys boy?

  2. I managed to get 2 of these and 1 of the purple lemon tree. This was absolutely fire I saved a 3.5 for 420 but the PLT smoked black as anything and just tasted like a standard lemon tree no gelato to the flavour

  3. This is what I’m talking bout simple crosses can’t get better than simple crosses all these new strains are cross upon cross upon cross there is a saying too many cooks spoil the broth

  4. Yo drew To me sour diesel has that sickly terp that you describe alot. Like the sickly orangey terp that you find in mimosa and sour diesel and most things named after orange. Any chance of a video letting us man know what strains have that dirty terp in so we can stay away from it? Paid 60 quid for a 3.5 of gelonade and its basically juat a bag of orange flavoured peanuts 😢
    Rated for the content geeza the only man hating on you are the ones without a doobie on the day i think 😂

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