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  1. Seresto collars are on sale in the uk. My dog is on his second one but after hearing this I am not getting them again.Thank you so much for helping us look after our pets safely.

  2. My dog has been facing a problem with dandruff and scale spots and I tried Cortizon and antibiotics but it's not working he's been scratching and eating his body some doctors told me to use Apoquel but I know it is not good can you recommend what is the best solution for him.

  3. Thank you for offering natural (no-harmful) remedies. My Pomeranians have been itching like crazy, and I have always felt that utilizing chemicals such as Frontline are probably not a healthy option for my babies.

  4. I feel like I caused my cat's oral cancer because I gave her Advantage topical treatment.. I knew there were risks, but I just wanted her skin reaction from fleas to clear up, the situation was so bad and Advantage never caused any serious reactions to our cats before. Flea combing for weeks only provided very temporary relief. I kept trying to convince my family to try natural alternatives, but they refused and weren't convinced it would do anything. There's no way to know for sure if Advantage caused cancer in this case, but still, I feel terrible. I'm the one who held her and someone else applied it.

  5. I know the Chinese were making imatation Seresto flea collars. You could tell by the packaging not being quite right. They are still on the shelves in the USA. No chemical flea & tick repellent is safe. I haven't had any problems in 4 years. The drops that you put on them were horrific. Don't know what to think. I have always used the Bayer product. Is this Canada? Bizarre? Use a flea comb every night? I'll watch the video again….

  6. Trusting the Government Agencies is " out the window!" These agencies are not protecting our pets and honestly I believe they have no intention of protecting our animals. Sad 😢but true! Listen to Dr Jones and others who see TRUTH AND FACTS!

  7. I am so sorry to hear of the dog deaths and illnesses contributed to the Seresto collar. My dog wore a Seresto collar several years from the time they went on market until he died in 2021. He never displayed discomfort or untoward signs for wearing that collar and it worked. I chose Seresto because a rather new flea/tick medicine he had received from the Vet and which I used for 2 to 3 monthly doses made him ill, with trembling. I called the company, not the vet, and was told to stop giving him that medication. Therefore, the Seresto. My dog lived with me for 11 years and developed diabetes in 2021.

  8. Thank you so much my vet said it was safe I returned mine! Our government is killing us all because of pesticides vaccines fillers thank you for speaking out❤

  9. Dr. Jones please post about steroids withdrawals! Is there any hope to tamper down without remission in autoimmune disease ( IMHA). I cant find any stats on it! And my dog got a remission after 3rd cut down! Thank you!

  10. What's a safe heartworm and tick meds. You don't seem to have a flea issue.

    My Maggie Shipoo just turned 15, reminds me of Tula.
    She's deaf and blind , and is on medication for kidney failure , she enjoys walks, rides in the car and snuggles.
    I have downloaded your book

  11. Oh my goodness last year was a very crazy flea and tick year. My dogs are 2 years old and I desperately try to avoid the pharmaceutical solutions for this stuff. I used pet armor last year and it did absolutely nothing for the flea problem or any thing else to my dogs thankfully. I am giving them a teaspoon a day of organic brewers yeast and diatomaceous earth along with a big pinch of Yellow sulfur powder. The brewers yeast is finally been accepted by my dogs and its working. They took the sulfur powder and I take it myself and though we live in a very rural woodsy country setting we don't have ticks on us. All the flea issues last not one tick. We've added the brewers yeast my dogs are accepting it now and it seems to be working very well. I mix it all together in pumpkin puree and then mix that into their food everyday. Its natural and it works. I would love to know if there is a natural heartworm prevention that works as well. I would love to stop the pharmaceutical tablets they get for that too if possible.

  12. Oh my gosh we lost our dog a few years ago we used these collars and we have one on our dog and she itches all the time. The FDA needs removed. They are so corrupt. Poor dogs and cats. Don’t spray your yard either. You kill the pollinators early food and your pets they tromp around in the yard and clean themselves ingesting those chemicals I am against the chemicals being sprayed it’s so wrong. I use beneficial nemetodes in the soil on the farm. Thank you! Wendy❤️🇺🇸🙏🏻

  13. If Seresto "got pulled from shelves", why did I just buy 3 of them for my 2 dogs and cat at Tractor supply in Holbrook, Arizona last week?

    What should I do? What can I use to prevent ticks on my dogs and cats?

    Thanks for your help.

  14. I put one of those Seresto flea collars on my cat. By the next morning her poor neck was absolutely raw. I felt so horrible I cried! I’m so thankful she didn’t die! This was a couple of years ago, she was 14 then. Why can’t something be done about this? People should be able to sue these monsters for still selling these horrible things.

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