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  1. I am from Europe. I would say that I am a foodie guy. I consider food as the best gift of our lives. I don't eat to live, I live to eat. I am not picky, I like everything almost. At least for once! I need to taste everything! I have never had this giant crab nor the other stuff but I would like to taste it. The charcoal, the attitude, the vibe, the energy how they cook it – it's brilliant. The seal? Wow! The meat loooks so tunnafishy/beefy must be delicatese even when I know it's a cute animal :-))). I would like to be rich to help others and travel to gain pricless experiences even experience :-P. Thanks! Cheers from the Czechia.

  2. After watching many of Sonny's videos on fair food (and don't get me wrong, I do love his content!) this is a refreshing change, showing some honest, wholesome food available at fairs. "You grill your crab, you boil your laundry" Love it! Great to see some people doing it purely for the passion of the food/process. They could easily make a lot more coin with a brick and mortar or even franchise out, but these guys are keeping it honest and humble!

  3. Actually fresh in other states you think it's fresh 😂 it has to travel. Far 😂 not fresh 😂 but in Alaska to get are fish price is crazy cause they are selling in other states. It's stupid. I am not a seafood person but still anger me . I'm glad they are here and where it should be. Be mad if you want don't care …

  4. You don't need a million dollars to truly be happy and doing what you enjoy in life and Buffy and Brady Meyer are a shining example of this. I love their creativity. Sockeye salmon sausages? Are you kidding me? TAKE MY MONEY!

  5. Excellent video! Amazing that other people only get to enjoy this cuisine once a year at the State Fair. This was a very heartening story about one family who make "great eats!". Thank you for sharing this with the rest of us viewers!

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