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  1. This comment section is bizarrely positive to something that is very morally dubious. What about the morality of the feeder making their partner unhealthily obese? What if they die at age 37 from a heart attack because of it? Is the feeder morally, but not legally responsible for their death? This is the definition of not healthy. This is an eating disorder mixed with a fetish. The feeder feels like a drug enabler. Clearly there is some sort of food addiction going on here. I guess the biggest thing for me is that the feeder feels like a predator preying on the insecurities of someone to force them into an eating disorder. The feeder feels like a snake. I’ve had someone ask to feed me before, and they were weirdly manipulative about it. The kind of manipulation that I can see how this works on people. They were really trying to sell me in the idea, and it was gross, I can see how someone would fall for this.

  2. People making a comparison between a fat fetish and anorexia need to educate themselves. Anorexia is a form of body dysmorphia and the person sufferijg with the illness literally convinced themselves they are overweight when they aren't. A fat fetish is simply an attraction to being fat or enjoying someone else getting fat but in both situations they're aware of how they look

  3. Yes let's glamorize people killing themselves with food. Next episode, giving a high five to an anorexic for hitting her goal weight of 50lbs. Wtf is wrong with society?

  4. I consider myself pretty open minded and accepting, but this is a fetish I will never understand. Lots of weird things turn people on, and okay, cool, whatever. The human brain can be a little perverse sometimes. As long as there’s consent and no one’s harmed physically or psychologically, sure, go for it. But this feeding thing…I mean, wtf. I just don’t get how people think THIS is hot. All I want to do is barf right now.

  5. I have a fat fetish and I hate it. I hate that I find it attractive because its so morally wrong. Its tough because when I try to explain it to people they instantly assume I encourage being massively overweight. I’ve changed quite a bit and now I think the max weight anyone I would be with could go to would be maybe 250 lbs or less, as long as they can live life normally and function properly.

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