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  1. I feel like I'm watching two brothers getting high together
    It's what I hope to have with my little brother whenever it gets legalized here lol
    love u guys, high five from iceland (literally)

  2. Bro, theyve been selling buds covered in THC diamonds in NY for like a year now. They call it "white out", "white widow", "white rhino" or white something…it does get you blazed. I will say, Ive had it coated onto uncredible canna, then Ive had it caked onto some subpar canna to boost its THC levels..so, buyer beware..prolly stick with designer bud

  3. Have a guy here in Fl i get from, best shit you will ever see a BM guy have. Recently hes had Mac 1, White Truffle, Astro Cake, snow caps, and other crazy shit. Currently smokin a mix of sherbacio sweet tea and purple space cookies rn

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