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  1. CONGRATSSSS!!! Bro, I found your channel when I started back then. To see you grow and be successful is awesome! Much love from SEA

  2. Congratulations Dope as yola you’ve came so far. I remember when I was smoking weed still in school listeing to your story times to spark up. Keep stacking value ontop of value. I’m proud to see the guy I used to watch still doing good.

  3. Yo yola!! Thank you for everything man! I started watching u a few yrs ago, u got me thru so many difficult times. And even better times! I watch you in my new apt with my gf and she thinks yo ur funny too. Your inspiring and have great energy and content. Your video got me thru the loss of my father. And even today I work 12am to 3pm 6 days a week it’s tough,and your content makes my graveyard shifts very fun 😊

    Thank you sir

  4. It feels like I just seen you get the blue Mercedes. What a dope ass reward for all the grinding you do🔥 can’t wait to see where you go from here G.

  5. fuckin love you thomas i been watching your vids now for i think like 4-5 years and every milestone you achieve shows how realistic success actually is. you are the perfect example of hard working paying off

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