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  1. watch out son ima come out there an help you guys get a respectable and appropriate cannabis business going, im working on some big plans and im gonna need people to work with, you guys are awesome keep it up yo

  2. 2 questions: do you plan to use all of the flowers yourself or do you sell any? and have you guys considered opening your own dispensary down the line? you definitely have the knowledge, friendliness, and passion for weed that could make you guys successful

  3. @shonuffLA I don't think he was trying to "flash" his knowledge. The thought "why are they growing outside?" came into my mind too. I'm pretty sure they're not and do not plan on becoming vendors. This is all for personal use so why would they not want the highest quality(indoor……don't try and deny that the highest quality is indoor.)

  4. @chvyant not to troll etc but i wasnt interested in flashing anything it is a real question these guys seem to know whats going on in the medical marijuana industry so i was interested as to why they were growing outside. Since they are growing quanity im assuming there going to be vendors and i cant understand why there doing an outdoor if thats the case. Maybe norcal likes outdoor i dont know thats why i ask questions.

  5. @shonuffLA Theres no reason to grow inside if you can grow outside, a lot of people prefer growing outside. You just wanted to flash your "intellect" and unlike me you were being serious.

  6. @chvyant your intellect is something to behold . . . the reason i ask is the grow looks like its for a dispencery being that there are a lot of plants and generally you want indoor from your vendors and your turnover is faster

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