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  1. I'm a BMX rider (well mostly mountain biker and snowboarder these days) but I love watching these skate videos. I really wish there could be something this epic with BMX riders. There was something kinds similar back in the day called Props: Road Fools on like FuelTV. But skating just has the popularity and money behind it that BMX does not I guess.

    Also, Jaws dad is rad. That's a really cool dynamic between them. Still keeping the degenerate spirit alive as full on adults lmao love it.

  2. I feel as the dude smoking the bong in the intro just kinda disappeared after a few episodes he was killing it in the first few then I dunno maybe its just me but I have not seen him much maybe his appearance has changed lol, the guy with the sideburns is so chill and also JAWS is my dude!!!

  3. this was only stuff of video games back in the day, and now they actually living it. like bob just casually hanging off the chopper as it flew by look like somethin crazy from tony hawks pro skater or something xD . the hard part now is just coming up with crazy ideas, they have the money and balls to pull off whatever lol

  4. 23:00 Heyyyyyyyy those are beautiful helmets! Much cooler skate accessories than bare noggins and hard concrete.

    40:25 god dammit, humans. The forest is not a garbage can. Don’t leave anything there except your good vibes. Take all your trash out with you. If you pick up just one piece of trash that isn’t yours, you’ll make a forest more natural than when you arrived. And you’ll prevent crap like a foot laceration on unsuspecting skaters.
    Usually I harp on the skaters for their stupidity, but random morons left a trap for this group.

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