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  1. I'm high so high I'm smart right now so. Ok I'm new to growing like this is my 2nd crop my 1st failed bad so I have limited knowledge when it comes to growing marijuana itself but I've done a lot of other things so I like to bring that stuff in on other things I do.
    My question is when you put it in tubs and have to burp it does it build pressure? If it does my ex father in-law made his own beer at home in a 5 gallon bucket that had a hole in the top for a 1 way water valve so the beer could burp itself.

  2. I’m currently finishing bubblegum in the southeast in three 5 gallons pots. I’m trying to fight off the months from laying eggs by blowing off there black droppings and spraying with milk.

  3. So cool to see Jay with Kyle!🎉❤. Life got ahead of me lately. I left weed hang months sigh. Oh well if I rub it can smell more than hay. I hate jars & resist 😄. I cure in paper bags & then put into freezer bags. Never had mold that way but mold in jars is common. I hates them. Putz eyeses out.😊

  4. you need good genetics
    you need to let the plant do its thing and finish up
    you also want to stop giving nutes 2 weeks before you cut the plant down
    you want the weed to dry so its soft to the touch and maybe 80% dry so soft in the inside and hard on the outside over 3-4 days
    brown paper bags which are non waxed are very good for home growers to put the buds in and dry the plant just shake the bag once a day
    then you want to jar it up don't let it dry too fast
    then you want to empty the jar every day put it in the brown paper bags non waxed ones till its like 95% dry
    that will give you the best smelling and smoothest weed

    patience is key

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