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  1. Those droughts you were talking about were crazy lol. Even when I was just ten years old before I thought about smoking. I remember the adults around me being all bumbed out trying to find anything. Then years later when I started to partake I remember meeting so many people trying to find some during a drought. I remember driving 4 hours just to see if a friend of friends, friend might have some roaches we could smoke.😅 it tought me a lesson in life to never run out. I treat 2 as 1 and 1 as having nothing. I found it easier to do without when actually having some. Than to have nothing.

  2. Wow,Kyle you brought back so many memories. I'm 59 and was and still a organic cannabis grower. I remember the stress dude. Every year outdoors I was allways so stressed. Indoor the smell. Crazy times and loved every min of it. Anyway great show. Much llove bro, I have followed your career and you have done so much for the cannabis community.

  3. I remember bringing a high time magazine to thanks giving dinner with my family. when I was 16. My brother was a deputy. We dont talk. i grew pot all over town but they all got discovered Did not get a successful real grow until 3 years ago with bag seed. I have nice set up now. 4×6.5

  4. Hey Kyle I was married for 17 years to my first wife until one day she decided that she doesn't want me to smoke weed anymore and gave me an alternative quit or leave ….I had 2 children 11 and 6 years old at that time . i had a great job an provided everything she and the kids needed along with a beautiful home . Make a long story short … She gave me a date to leave if I don't quit ….This is after explaining multiple times how I use this plant for anxiety medication instead of Xanax . I left on the date , paid my child support and never went back . After many years She apologized to me but by that time the damage was done on the children not having their father at home with them . I remarried 4 years later to a beautiful accepting person that understands … Sad how Marijuana was made out to be bad and illegal . Love your Videos on YouTube .

  5. I've been growing since 89' and breeding since 99'. I owe most of my knowledge to High times,Ed and Mel. These two gentlemen here gave me so much information.
    Thank all of you!
    Jungle in the Bronx. Close with the building supe!😂

  6. Its what im doing man!😅 4th legal grow kicking off, THANKS so much for the help Kyle! My first harvest(3.5yo buds) is still candy fire, with Kyles intelligent detailed instruction on dry and cure technique! Tell everyone i was being nice, tell Mom I Stay High! 🎉

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