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  1. I take my pile of keif and put it in between wax paper then take a hot water bottle and roll it over the keif til it becomes a hard little piece of hash. No mess and really condenses your keif into concentrate form.

  2. I get lots of keif from my Trim-Bin. I de-carb the keif as a powder, I then fill the powder into new pill capsules. I then use the capsules as I would gummies only they contain zero sugar, zero fat. Finding the right dose is tricky but for me each capsule acts as a 25-50mg gummie…call it a 40mg gummie.

  3. I thought this was going to be a Rolling Stones video…I have a sift box and a grinder..depend on quality what type of hash one can make..heat..pressure..or both..freezer to loosen Trichs…quick shake for best quality otherwise plant material will enter sift.

  4. I like to press mine in a small hand held metal cylinder press. Once I have enough for a small puck, I'll put in the oven at 220° for 20 minutes. This is an old school last step that gives it a nice chocolate color, and a great taste like what I recall from the late 60's to early 70's.

  5. Dry. Trim the buds. Place trim in a container. Fit a screen over container to catch trichomes only. Place another container over to create a tight seal. Put in freezer for 12 hours. With the trim container on top of the screen, shake as hard as possible for 2 minutes. Put back in freezer for 6 hours. Repeat 2 times. Clean the trichomes from the collection container and roll in your hands or press and enjoy a super concentrate. This way you keep your buds intact but get something extra..

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