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  1. Highigan! We are excited to announce the first Highigan Cup 16oz Challenge!

    Join our Discord For all the challenge info, updates, chat with contestants, share progress photos, questions, issues. JOIN HERE: https://discord.com/invite/wKU6MVhyvH

    Highigan Cup Challenge:

    Aug 8 to Nov 7. You have 13 weeks to grow and get your shots to submit!

    1. Must be an Auto Strain, Choice is yours!

    2. Container must not exceed 16oz (solo cup size)

    Pick a fun and unique container! If needed you can put a solo cup inside of another container for show. But the plant and root system must all be contained in 16oz of soil for the entire grow!

    Judging will be voted on and contestants must submit 1 photo for the following categories on Nov 7 on discord in the :

    1. Best In Show – One picture of your entire finished plant in unique container!

    2. Best Bud – One photo of the best nug on your plant!

    3. Most Creative – Have fun with this one! Submit the most creative / fun photo from the whole

    challenge grow!

    +Bonus! Submit photo of your unique container and a winner will be voted on for best container!

    If you have questions, comments contact us on discord:


  2. Wow guys, if I could take part in this I really would but please rember if a 16oz container is used please please be aware of false bottems or even perlight filled with a top of soil

  3. Just started growing again, and I've been watching you guys for awhile. Love your vibe. I'm excited about this challenge. Joining the discord indeed! I'm choosing a Gorilla Glue Auto since it was a free seed. Lol. Anyway happy growing guys!

  4. Woah….whaaaaaa?????
    Damn, yt is keeping you guys from blowin up… how I've NOT seen or heard of you until today, is ubsurd. I'll tell my buddies about this one though…😉…
    Anyways, just wanted to say that this challenge is a badass idea 👍hope to see more like it.

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