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  1. Triploids in every industry that they have been introduced make what ever organism it is, genetically sterile.
    It’s good for the breeder, but terrible for the consumer and the future of the plant. Any thing that you may want to (re)grow or cross will no longer be a thing unless you pay for more “seeds.”Eventually big pocketed companies such as pharmaceutical who already are investing 40 plus billion dollars into the industry will buy out and monopolize while the average consumer has to bend to their will. The crosses can eventually be controlled and the diversification of the plant will be ceased. Think of the big picture and what good is a seedless world to the public? It’s not our job as man/women to make decisions like this that will for ever trade the life of an organisms potential to money. This is the selfie/selfish or yolo ages where we make decisions for now and not for tomorrow. Let’s think about this before supporting triploids and other forms of breeding that hurt master for the sake of money.

  2. My thoughts on triploid. Great for industry.
    Great for Capitalism.
    Not great for the basic farmers.

    But great for the I want it a little less stressful. With there grow.

    If I can't continue to have the choice of breeding FOR MY SELF.
    Then I won't buy 10 seeds for 100.00 before shipping or insurance.

    I'm sure plenty of people will love these.

    Again we as a community need to look at the Long term for all growers. Not just the one's who make huge capital off the fact we would have to always buy triploid seeds.

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