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  1. Missed the live 😲
    🤤 4k goodness, next step HDR 🤞👍
    A full hight tent like gorrila tents would be sick, 2m³ photo 🤔 21.52782 foot³???
    For the people who aren't into logical measurements yet. 😝

    Yes I know pew pew life is mainly imperial.
    Does my head in for case sizing/trimming etc 🤯

  2. Ya I checked my photo's and they are at day 82 also and yes that's true. But I'm at day 20 of flower and have a long ways to go. At least till Feb 20.. nine weeks of flower.. might run longer for sure. Love the 4k and it makes a difference. Great stuff !

  3. I'd say a week, but you never know, they'll surprise from time to time. My Bruce Banners hit a stall almost it seemed when the weather cooled down even though I brought them inside the garage. Maybe the lighting change , but I was running a AC I S44 over them at 100%

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