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  1. Dr Jones please make a video on Pseudo pregnancy for female dogs. I am from Bharat (India) . My female dog has been Sterilised about 1 and Half year before but she suffers from false pregnancy . During this time her glands are full of milk …..making a problem for me as I have to manually take out this milk . Doctors have said that remnants of the ovary may be inside causing a false pregnancy……

    does my female dog have to undergo the OH SURGERY again in order to remove these remnants ….or is there any other solution ? Is surgery the only option Sir ????

    please sir make a video on this topic… I appreciate your ayurvedic remedies .

    I hope you take this problem of my pet seriously …..

    Suvidhi Jain Tarbabu

  2. Magnesium forms are getting really confusing. In researching magnesium threonate is the go to for seizures since it penetrates the brain barrier the best?? Does that mean glycinate Wont work??

  3. My holistic vet said every dog diet creates low Mg & VitD. I give her 2 drops of concentrace minerals on top of her vitamins since we feed homemade. She will poop her brains out if we give her too much! She is calmer now 😊

  4. I've read magnesium glycinate is the most asorbable type and least likely to cause stomach upset but I have to drive to several drugstores to find it. Helps my anxiety & sleep so I'm happy to learn its safe for my dog who gets anxious when we travel twice per year as soon as she sees my duffle bag

  5. Thank You Dr.Jones!!
    You are Our Best Friends (for some of Us; Elderly Lonely Woman and Men that only have our Dogs and cats as Our daily Best Companionship)
    Lifesaver that keeps on Looking after Our Pets well-being by Guiding Us on Using Unharmed Natural Much most affordable that **Those Average Greedy Heartless Bastards … called/named: Veterinarians OUT THERE Nowadays 👺🆘‼️

  6. Would epsom salt bath help? What about for cats? Can I supplement my cat with partial paralysis and seizures with magnesium? Im also confused about the type. You mentioned first magnesium sulphate and then magnesium glyphonate?

  7. What's helped my dog's anxiety has been me managing my own anxiety a lot better, as I noticed he absorbs when I'm anxious and stressed. I try to do mindfulness exercises with him, using books like 30 Days to Reduce Stress by Harper Daniels. I believe it helps.

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