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  1. The religious group that says modern medicine is terrible and should be ignored and wants gays annihilation and views any mixed race person as less than human… woah what a great group to broadcast just cause they are anti China…
    The religious group insane, the movement practises aren’t banned it’s just this the one group that joined it up with this belief system.

  2. Enough of 1000+ years of western colonial global atrocities. Lies. Exploitations. Scandals. Centuries of racism. Centuries of hateful propaganda. Hypocrisy. War crimes. Corruptions. Mercenary and terroist organizations. Colonial proxy wars. Enough is enough.

    Western colonialism never ended.

    Ukraine. India. Pakistan. Isreal. Palestine. Myanmar. Bangladesh. Hong Kong. Taiwan. Syria. Libya. Cuba. Middle East. Philippines. Vietnam. Native America. Kashmir. Native Australia. China. Korea. Venezuela. Iran. Iraq. Afghanistan. Africa. Guam. Hawaii…ect ect. HOW MANY NATIONS DOES WESTERN COLONIALISM NEED TO DESTROY AND EXPLOIT!?

    In EVERY invaded/conflict/war torn location there are always 1000+ years of Western Colonial Exploitive Corrupt Energy Companies drilling and mining that nation by the back door. GLENCORE. BLACKROCK.


    "KILLING 4000 PALESTINIAN CHILDREN ISNT ENOUGH" – American Advisor Stuart Seldowitz. (18,000+ are now killed)

    "Palestinians are not human beings and are not human animals, they are subhuman and that is how they should be treated" – Deputy of Jerusalem Aryeh King.

    French soldiers committed the massacre in Mỹ Trạch village, Mỹ Thủy commune, Lệ Thủy District, Quảng Bình Province, Vietnam from 5 am to 8 am on November 29, 1947. The French Army burned 326 houses and murdered more than half of the village's residents. French soldiers raped many women and children before murdering them.

    US soldiers raped and mutilated innocent Vietnamese woman and children, then thrown into a ditch and executed with assault rifles.

    Millions of Iraqis Civilians Murdered.

    Millions of Afghan Civilians Murdered.

  3. Falun Gong is a far-right religion that supports anti-vaxx, QAnon, believe that homosexuality and mixed race people are not worthy of being human, among other dubious beliefs.

    Yes, it's evil what CCP has and is doing to then.

    But do your own research before you let a TV program define all your info of Falun Gong.

  4. Unfortunately the Falon Gong has become a two sided story. My problem with Hongzhi is what he's now doing in the US> Spreading lies and propaganda through the Epoch Times in order to prop up Donald Trump. It's kind of ironic that they left a country that controls it's people only to support a new dictator here in the US.

  5. Vice is owned by Fortress Investment (US founded/HQ'd). Fortress' majority stakeholder is Mubadala, a UAE sovereign wealth fund. Vice is not owned by a PRC/CCP firm (incase the film didn't clue you in).

  6. Auntie Zhou…. that age and still risking everything for justice. A freedom fighter through and through. And none of this would had happened if Liang was breakable. All of the people involved have my upmost respect. Rest in peace to the people that were killed. 🙏❤

  7. I am a citizen and taxpayer of China's "farmer identity" (under the Chinese identity politics and household registration system, farmers are considered the lowest end of the population). After Professor Qin Hui's enlightenment and awakening, I fully agree with his viewpoint that in the current context of globalization, China and the West are not facing a clash of civilizations, but rather China's authoritarian system is challenging Western democratic constitutional systems (which means that bad currency is likely to drive out good currency). Democratic countries all over the world must have a deep understanding of the bigger and more real dark side behind China's prosperity as the world's second largest economy: after the CCP seized power in the violent revolution in 1949, hundreds of millions of Chinese farmers began to work hard to pay public grain, agricultural taxes, and voluntary labor (afforestation, construction of water conservancy…), which provided the CCP with financial primitive accumulation at the beginning of the founding of the People's Republic of China, But farmers are restricted by the household registration system in rural areas without freedom, human rights, and welfare protection, living as serfs. From 1959 to 1961, there were no natural disasters at all. It was entirely due to Mao Zedong's personal policies that the tragic starvation of 40 million farmers in human history occurred, and my grandmother was one of them. After China's reform and opening up in 1980, the first generation of farmers were allowed to work as "farmer status" workers in cities (such as construction workers, cleaners, miners…). After China's accession to the WTO, the second generation of farmers continued to work as "farmer status" workers in red sweatshops, manufacturing cheap goods for the world. Due to the institutional discrimination of "rural household registration" and the lack of independent trade unions to fight for fair welfare protection for them, Rural household registration cannot enjoy the welfare benefits of urban household registration, such as work-related injuries, unemployment, medical care, elderly care, housing, and children's education. Farmers' children are forced to return to rural areas for education, leading to the tragic situation of the world's largest rural left behind children and widowed elderly in China. Nowadays, the first generation of farmers have become old and lose their ability to work. They are ruthlessly driven back to the countryside and struggle to make ends meet with a monthly pension of over 100 yuan. The minimum standard for urban household registration is over 2000 yuan per month, which is more than 20 times that of rural household registration. Communist Party officials enjoy privileges and benefits, and the annual medical and health expenses are as high as several million yuan. National level officials spend one billion yuan on tourism in a year. It is the enormous sacrifices and contributions of these two generations of Chinese farmers that have made China the world's second-largest economy. However, the zero welfare of Chinese farmers has been repeatedly exploited and turned into negative welfare during the first and second redistribution of national wealth, while the welfare of Communist Party officials has been repeatedly raised to privileged high welfare. The CCP uses these "advantages" of cheap labor with "peasant identity", "low human rights" and "negative welfare" to attract a large amount of investment from international financial capital. The production of cheap goods competes unfairly in the global trade market, resulting in a trade deficit between the United States and the European Union with China. Don't think that the "low human rights" and "negative welfare" of hundreds of millions of Chinese farmers are not related to democratic countries, because in the context of globalization, capital can freely flow to China's "low human rights" and "low welfare" labor market, which has now affected the unemployment rate and welfare protection of workers in democratic countries (such as left-wing political parties in the United States starting to propose policies to reduce welfare protection), If the human rights and welfare of Chinese "peasant identity" workers cannot gradually improve to align with those of democratic countries, then the human rights and welfare of democratic country workers can only gradually decrease to align with Chinese "peasant identity" workers (as can be seen from the documentary "American Factory"). Democratic countries around the world cannot turn a blind eye to the history of Chinese farmers and "peasant identity" workers after enjoying nearly 40 years of cheap goods and economic benefits made in China. Please stop having illusions about the CCP and implement appeasement policies. While paying attention to human rights in Xinjiang, Tibet and Hong Kong, we should pay more attention to the "low human rights" and "negative welfare" situation of hundreds of millions of Chinese farmers. Democratic countries should unite to constantly exert pressure and urge the CCP to improve the human rights of all Chinese people and the welfare protection of vulnerable groups of farmers, enlighten Chinese citizens and taxpayers' awareness of rights, assist Chinese people to establish trade unions and farmers' associations, learn from the strategy of Poland Solidarity Trade Union and the Communist Party's game, constantly carry out welfare accountability, force financial disclosure and budget transparency, and finally let China gradually embark on the path of constitutional democracy. The importance of a free and democratic China to the world is self-evident, and it is also a responsibility that democratic countries around the world cannot evade, because we are all citizens of the Earth. I hope that people with conscience around the world can work together to make constitutional democracy overcome dictatorship, to make good currency overcome bad , and to further advance civilization around the world.
    The government's power and responsibility should also be great, with corresponding rights and responsibilities, accountability for welfare, and the ability to save oneself. Hallelujah – Qin Hui

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