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  1. The veterinarian I did my externship with said: "when the day comes that this DOESN'T bother me, then I'll retire".
    (God rest you, Dr. Thompson❤)

  2. I made a horrible mistake letting my 16 year old dog die a natural death.
    He had a huge open cancerous tumor and was almost deaf and partly blind. He was a sweet Cockapoo and he deserved a good death.
    We were moving, and my vet warned me he would not do well on the trip. I was so cautious, kept him riding in a cozy bed between us. Had a wagon to take him outside, so he didn’t have to walk too much.
    When we got to Missouri, he wouldn’t eat, couldn’t take his pills, and seemed off. He was suffering greatly.
    At 6am he died a painful death, it was so very traumatic. I can never un-see that, and I know I let it happen.
    My poor dog suffered, and it was my fault. We were going to take him to a vet at 9am to get help, but it was not to be.
    If your vet says to put your dog down, listen to them.
    No dog should have to endure what my dog did. I will live with that regret forever.

  3. When my jack had to be put down- they tranquilized first – then the o.d. I very much appreciated the simple prayer the tech said Thanking the Creator for my dogs life… life can be very hard & we do our best to cope. Our dogs are such a blessing.

  4. Please make a video relating to your thoughts on the vetinary specialty of "animal shelter medicine" and especially on typical shelter vet ethics v. Conventional vets v. Your own personal guidelines

  5. Something I could never do, you should feel really proud that you could help those precious family pets and their owners, a horrible job Bless you BTW you're still brilliant!!

  6. My 5 year old mini daschund who lives here with his mom n dad and grandparents appears to have a liver shunt all of a sudden. We WERE feeding him a raw diet of mostly organ meat (😩🥺we didn’t know) and he had a seizure. My vet wants $8000 but this puppy has been thriving on a totally WRONG diet for 5 years.😩 now I’m informed about diet.can he survive? His dog daddy will die if his baby dies.please message me a diet for liver shunt..🙏🏽❤️

  7. I have had the most marvelous gentle-soiled vet put my dogs down and it meant the world to me. Thanks would not be enough for that service to escort our most cherished creatures out of this world. — But THANK YOU anyway.

  8. This is heartbreaking no doubt. But better euthanasia than letting our babies suffer. It's OK, They just go into another body. I have no doubt that most of my dogs after euthanasia have 'walked into' the next dog's body. For real! I let them know that before they leave. They 'get' it. And the ones who don't 'walk in', are still here with me. They show themselves sometimes. Let's hear in the comments section about 'sightings'.

  9. @VeterinarySecrets Dr. Jones…With all the info coming out now about the serious side effects of mRNA Covid vaccines, what are your thoughts on the potential of pharma producing mRNA vaccines for animals?

  10. My son's first day as a ER Vet (also fall 2020 Covid protocols) the hall was lined with the bodies of animals they had had to put down. Needless to say…that was a very rough year for him.

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