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  1. Just to keep bank account healthy I cut down to 1.5g a day not a lot I know 😣
    Used to waste all my money and smoke a q a day easy a big difference but I just smoke a much smaller amount of a much stronger weed which keeps me happy and still saves me a chunk of cash

  2. So if I don't have any problems with not being able to smoke what I want when I want ill probably smoke like 1/2 a gram infused joint and vape like a biscotti disposable at night and that's pretty much it

  3. I have fibromyalgia and I use around 1g a day usually at bed time. If I'm having a bad flare then I'll have a puff in the daytime too. You are right about the tobacco too as I use a Pax3 and the hit tastes better and lasts longer for me. I used to be a recreational smoker back in the day and I couldn't begin to guess how much I used to get through.

  4. If I was a million I would be a walking grow bag 🤣🤣🤣 smoke from sunrise to sunset 🌞🌞🌞 that's my heaven ❤️❤️❤️🤘🤘🤘

  5. It depends hey, Generally a very broad question. For me I usually smoke 3 -4 times a day, or when I’m just chilling out always like smoke every hour and play games. Also Quit cigarettes about a year ago and mix my weed instead now.

  6. when i very first started (16) i'd only smoke with friends and we'd all chip in and smoke the lot (1gram – 7gram) depending on the situation or amount of people then a couple of months later i'd start buying by myself and aswell as the social smoking i started having a whole joint to myself and would be completely wipeout to the point where i'd feel i needed to watch a comedy like harold and kumar, american pie or road trip (anything else would have me freaking out ahaha) then after a year or so i was buying by the ounce or half and selling to friends and pretty much smoking all day, went on for about 5 years (waking up at 9am and smoking 3 on the head whilst playing cod, then out with friends smoking, then home and a few joints before bed…then i sort of calmed it down from about 22 to not smoking in the morning, usually smoke one on lunch break at work and then 2 or 3 in the night and now im sat here at 32 and the only times i smoke are either when i call over to a friends i'll smoke one or two and then 99% of the time just 1 in the night but then the days i dont socialise with friends i'll have one in the afternoon if the situation allows such as my mum being out the house and then 1 in the night…main thing i've found is i CANNOT sit down and watch a movie or an episode or 2 of whatever series im into at that time without having a joint first but yeh in general i went from ' not so much – quite a bit – a hell of a lot – quite a bit and now not so much…I think most people vary usage day to day whatever their age or situation.

  7. Thanks for opening up.
    The nicotine is an interesting one and as a filthy smoker of straights, I know that a huge amount of my bud intake is the nicotine addiction talking. Got a couple mates that have been heavily encouraging me and my partner to drop the baccy.
    As regards to the anxiety, have you any quick advice on strains to either steer clear of, or that might help?

  8. Drew! Or anybody else that struggles with anxiety, look into Ashwaganda – it's a natural plant that has been used for a very long time to help with anxiety! Also another is Valerian root! They all go well with bud and make life infinitely better! 😄

  9. used to smoke 10g a day easy when i was selling weed, The part of Australia i live in has just made medical weed legal and reasonably easy to get.. Farken expensive tho and since i stopped selling, i gotta pay for it now and at these prices i'm down to bout 1-2g a day @ $20Au/Gram…

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