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  1. Thank you for showing what it should actually look like. I put a gram in the oven because I want to make a cup of tea tonight.

    Found a lot of websites that described it but didn’t show what it should look like

  2. Levo II WARNING!!! I love my Levo II despite the fact that I wasted 28
    grams of medical grade Gorilla Glue #4 when first trying to
    decarboxylate or “Activate” it. My goal was to infuse 8 ounces of
    coconut oil with one ounce of cannabis. My mistake was that I did not
    use the ‘herb pod’, that only holds about 7 grams, but instead put my
    dried and cured 28 grams of cannabis directly into the ceramic coated
    reservoir, without the coconut oil, and set the Levo II to “Activate”.
    After about 15 minutes my cannabis started burning. In a panic I
    contacted the Levo II Support Team. As we chatted the cannabis continued
    burning until I finally stopped the “Activate” mode. The Levo II
    Support Team were so kind and supportive that it truly was hard to
    believe. They told me that they really wanted to help and they did! I
    sent my Levo II back and they gave me a generous discount on another
    unit. And they followed through with their promise even though I made it
    clear that I was at fault. The lesson I want to pass on is this. If you
    want to make a very strong infusion, first decarboxylate your ounce of
    cannabis in the oven at about 240 degrees F for 40 minutes or so. Then
    use the so-called, ‘French coffee-press filter method’ with 8-10 liquid
    ounces of oil or butter for the infusion. You will be very happy with
    the end product that your Levo II makes. And if you ever have any
    problems, rest assured that the Levo II Support Team really cares about
    us customers and will help.

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