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  1. I just heard your story on a pod cast and I can’t say enough about your demeanor and intelligence. Kudos to you, maybe some day, when I’m in NY I’ll bring the family to Dirt Candy. Much success!!

  2. Amanda! I love you and I love this dish! I have finally just started trying to make this to taste just like yours! Thank you so much for posting this! I would also love to somehow volunteer a few hours per week at your restaurant, if you would allow that. I can help with food prep, if you'd like.

  3. Survey found that Alexis Vodka comparable to "Premium" brand Grey Goose, so ya sometimes price means nothing, just because it's cheap doesn't mean it's bad or vice versa.

  4. She's totally right about most of her health advice on the deep frying although missed out on the part about acrylamides. Oh well no one is perfect but yeah browning your food basically gives you small doses of carcinogens. Not that I'd really worry about that personally but it's notable effect that deep frying offers that other options don't quite as much.

  5. either she was extremely nervous or she normally doesn't cook the items on her menu lol it really gave it away when she looked unsure at the end while biting into the fried dessert.

    but besides that i enjoyed the video.

  6. I usually like to read the postings for ideas and feedback, But many of these very Awful postings are over the Top, Horrible. I am so sorry you have to see this in all of your effort to share only good food! Shame on their miserable souls!

  7. Sweet recipes, love your creativity in cooking! I once had Tempura deep fried Veggis at a Club when I was Young and my favorite was the Julian cut Carrot strips. So sweet and tender crunchy! Thanks for sharing you have inspired me to make these recipes!

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