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  1. I am ready for a witty bunny stripper (this concrete floor for a bed has been hard & cold: a weapon for bruises, backaches and sore joints; there is no cushioning for a body that is skin and bones, muscles atrophied); for a complete food haul of 20 yrs  capacity of food storage (no inhibitions nor reservations: – donations are appreciated); & to get busy cooking in the kitchen & eating (a stripper pole on the countertop & food porn for foreplay: – kitchen quickies, playing "hide the weiner & suck-a-butterscotch nipple")!

  2. As an Armenian from Toronto, I will always be envious of my LA Armenians who have such a well-established community and a plethora of Armenian spots to get food haha. We don't have too many Armenian spots in Toronto and wherever they are I don't see them often.

  3. I often think that way since I live off Sunset & by walking distance alone I’m surrounded by some of the best strips malls filled with amazing world cafes, foods from every culture & before moving to LA I live in San Bernardino CA I swear any area if it’s Latino dominate even by 2nd be sure there’s going to be some really delicious places/stands/hole in the wall spots to get drinks, Auga Fresca authentic tacos, burritos & sea food dishes especially shrimp cocktails, shrimp/fish ceviche.

    Mexican style seafood is one of my favorites since it’s on the more cool, refreshing, citrus, cilantro & jalapeño side of things.
    Seafood gumbo for example is a very rich, savory, hot & spicy which is good, but in the summer time nothing is more refreshing than an ice cold Michelada, freshly cured ceviche on top of a fresh crispy tostada & crispy fish tacos.

  4. does this dude genuinely believe that small family owned shop so in the middle of shopping centers is….”only found in hollywood”….. cuz that’s the dumbest shit ive ever heard

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