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  1. Definitely gonna make this. I'm really curious about the kale chimichurri. I would just cut the steak differently. Skirts have such huge fibers that cutting it with the grain like this is not ideal, imo.

  2. When I was a young little lad down by the swimming whole I always thought that burgers were just sandwiches with steak. Now I know better, thank you for enlightening me Mr. Matty Matheson.

  3. one time, I was making enchiladas verdes, I sliced open a jalapeño and I went about making the rest of it without touching my hands, after I was around halfway through I went to the bathroom. I touched my ** with the hands that I touched the jalapeño with. I was in fucking agony for around 45 minutes. WASH YOUR HANDS.

  4. lool dont touch your pecker, lord know i did that when i was 6 years old , ouch, was i on fire , ill leave it at that looool ,. thanks for the video, great job

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