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  1. Haha frank, my family has the same friggen plates. Must be a NY thing. I grew up in miller place and pops is still there with the plates with the little golden emblem. Cooking is also passed down through our generations. My fam is greek but a lot of the same things resonate from astoria to Suffolk county. Loved your pizza series. You should do one in long island and the influence that was spread from manhattans and brooklyn east. Bene bene

  2. Are yous from Pageno ? We make our own bread crumbs with stail Italian bread we set the machien to coarse grind ,then add Parm. FRESH parsley salt black. Pepper

    Egg wash,,,,,salt pepper Parm.

    Flour 1/4 cup 2 tsps sea salt 1 tsp. Blk pepper

    Home made crumbs

    Cut brest nice thin salt n pepper both sides

    Hot pan olive oil 2 pieces crushed garlic

    So flour ,,,,,egg wash,,,, bread crumbs ,fry

    I Change oil garlic after each batch sicilian method ,,,,,or when there done hit with pinch of salt lightly rite out of the pan

  3. This made me miss my Aunt Lucia even more.🙏🏽💜 What a beautiful, loving woman she was!! She's why I've loved Italian food since childhood.😋😋
    I also had an Italian friend Nicole who'd take me to her house in Bensonhurst (when it was very racist in the 80's) and we'd sit on her porch drinking martinis.
    While she asked ppl who'd stare at us ..
    "What're youss lookin at?!?!?! Never seen a Black woman and Italian woman who were friends?!?!" 🤣😂 Licensed to chill.
    R.I.P Nicole🙏🏽💜

  4. First off, amazing video I’m definitely going to try this out but second, you not only had a good video, but I was smiling the whole way through. It was so wholesome and your grandmother is an amazing woman, being inspired to cook and inspiring you to cook. It’s such a beautiful family story with a meal on the side

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