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  1. This is by far the best pastry I ever had along my coffee. Only thing is that I had Central European variant – with cardamom added and without that glazing/cream on top.

  2. The spicing looks great, but if you want to make these, please do like every other enriched dough recipe says to do, which is add one piece of butter at a time so it incorporates. She dumped it all in at once and you can see the texture is a batter, not a dough, because it got overwhelmed. When she goes to roll it out, you can see cracking on the edges, which should never happen with a soft, silky enriched dough. I'd bet money that the bottom half of the rolls are pretty greasy, while the top half are pretty dry because the unincorporated butter melted in the oven. It will also be kinda crumbly instead of that luxurious pull apart cinnamon roll texture.

  3. Roll it out 12 by 16 inches? Can we get that in centimeters please? It irritates me so much when they dont give metric. I will not rest until america switches over to the metric system. It is my life goal. I think about america night and day.

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