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  1. I saw this video and thought it looked great. well, I went to 886 today and I have to say that I do not like the current version of this dish they are serving. the meat is minced now so you're not getting the chunks of meat you see here. They went from the pickled cucumbers to pickled greens with mustard which was a little too strong.

  2. the screenshot is not Lu Rou Fan, it is Kaun Rou Fan (at least from the part of taiwan that I used to grew up in, which is mostly taichung, tainan, not sure about taipei)

  3. I went to taiwan 2 years ago for a study tour. Every night we would sneak out of our dorm to go to the nearby night market and eat Lu Rou Fan lol. Brings back so much memories, I'll definitely try this recipe out, thanks!

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