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  1. I went to 3 vets and all they did was subscribe high doses of steroids! I gave up on vets. My Border Collie is sticking his whole foot and part of his leg in his mouth and chewing on it! I have given up on vets.

  2. Dr. Jones, I really appreciate your suggestions for holistic care for our animals. I have been able to help my dog with his allergies with you advice. I have him on Aller Free by only natural pet, grain free diet, fish oil, and a probiotic every other day, and adding raw frozen dog food. He has a residual hot spot on his chest that is clearing and hair returning after I started using castor oil topically on it.

  3. Our Japanese chin came home with us when he was 11 weeks old. From the beginning he and our king Charles cavalier ate a very expensive food , our vet sold that very brand in her practice. Throughout Yoshi's years his skin was so red and he started scratching. . Talked to the vet and pet stores asking what can I do . Spent hundreds on products to help. NOT. My sister has 3 dogs and she used a Walmart brand. She called me telling me that my expensive dog food had been recalled 12 times. I had yoshi into the vet for a visit and there was a new partner who noticed how red his skin was ,I said is it allergies. He said never seen skin so red I called the company to get answers. I got off the phone threw every commercial dog product out. Yoshi was 8. It took two weeks for his skin to turn a beautiful pink his teeth were whiter and no scratching. Much happier puppy. My mom growing up fed our dogs what we ate. They lived past 20. Yoshi eats fresh veggies and an assortment of meats . His most favorite is lamb. So many good homemade dog food on you tube . I've been watching Dr. Jones for years. Yoshi just turned 12 on Nov 10 /22. He is our last furbaby. Thank you

  4. Thank you so much Dr. Jones, this is my favourite topic!!.I been watching all your videos and i learn a lot of thing from you. TQ so much. I have a Poodle she is suffering with skin allergies. I been trying many kind of foods, meds all not working. I even change her diet , she now eat home cook food with bake fish ( white sniper fish ), 5 ,6 type of vegetables, brown rice. She can't eat meat like chicken, pork, beef, salmon.,If she eat this 4 kind of meat her skin will become itchy and red blister start to form on her skin and she will bite her paws. But lately i went to the vet near me, the doctor recommended me this CY TOPOINT and he said for those dog who suffer from environmental allergies .With this injaction it can last for 1 month to see or make sure that your dog really has this environmental allergic or not. So far it already been 2 weeks and my dog allergies is gone BUT when i try to give her some meat to eat and her body start to have this red blister back. Now i'm confused , is my dog environmental allergic or food allergic??? Is she allergic to meat protein?? I can't effort to give her the CY TOPOINT every month because is not cheap.( RM 370 ) At home i don't use chemical to clean my floor and i use steam mop to clean my floor everyday. Is this CY TOPOINT ok ? I'm really appreciate that if Dr. Jones can help me. Thank you!

  5. ive been watching Dr Jones you tube videos lately and getting things he recommends to try for my dogs allergies and infections. theycare really so helpful

  6. Excellent! Excellent!!! Thank you so much for all the information that you so willingly shared with us Dr Jones. You are so much appreciated and highly respected by so many pet parents! I've learned so much from you as I'm sure many have. Thank you.

  7. I appreciate both of you and I have been following Dr Jones for almost 3 yrs now. He has helped me with my cat by helping me learn what to feed and how to care for him. I have my cat on Dr Jones cat supplement for over 2 yrs now and he will be 12 soon and still acts like a younger cat. So I say THANK YOU DR JONES FOR ALL YOU DO FOR OUR FURRY PETS. and I hope to learn more with this lady as well. God bless you both.

  8. Great interview.. I follow you both .. over 40 years as an Animal Communicator helping people both here in the US and internationally I was blessed to be able to work at the very first holistic clinic in Los Angeles years ago… And with this weekend being the time change here in the United States I’m always asking my clients if they are just using tapwater or doing better with some kind of filtered or bottled water so important.. another thing we can do easily to help with all their body systems hopefully you agree .. many blessings to you both👏👏

  9. Blessings and just wondering great info once mo again lol 😂 Dr Jones. I thought rice and certain veggies was not good for dogs and any suggestions for my dogo went sensitive stomach and something to clean her back teeth God Bless

  10. Love watching both your channels! Thank you so much for what you do. 🙂
    I have 3 large breed dogs. I have fed ONLY raw food for more than two years now. My dogs are THRIVING!! My older itchy dog is much better. I think we tend to make feeding raw way more complicated than it needs to be. We do not eat a balanced diet at every meal either. Mix it up. Variety helps cover all the nutrients.
    As for salmonella and e coli, I have to laugh. Of course we need to be careful for ourselves when handling the raw meat, but as for the dogs, has anyone seen what dogs will dig up out of the yard that they "stored" away weeks earlier???? Really gross, but they love it and it probably helps replenish their good gut flora.
    Those are my opinions anyway, and it seems to work well for my guys.
    I have purchased two of Dr Jone's books. One for me and one for a gift.
    Very useful advice.

  11. The pink and white Benedryl (Diphenhydramine) is what you need to buy for allergies, and wont cost you over 80 for meds, not including paying over a 100 just in the visit and exam. Do not need anything else. Blue Dawn dish liquid baths will kill fleas and ticks instantly. Be careful of using flea collars, some dogs can get chemical burn from them, mine did. I only thank god had that collar on him for a half hour before I noticed it, and never used it again.

  12. You need to list these itch products and their doses per lb. in your description box. We don't even know how to spell all these things so we can go look for them!

  13. We bought Jasper when he was four months old already. He had sever allergies to everything we gave him. It was very frustrated because we thought we were buying the best dog food up there. His condition was getting worse! I decided to stop buying anything from a pet store, and cook for him like I do for my family. When I started finding my dog organic home meals magically all his allergies disappeared! I don’t even feed him raw meat. I do give him raw pasture raised eggs, and organic vegetables, but everything else is cooked! So you tell me why is that! I also stop vaccinating my dog, because my older dog die from it! Good luck everyone!

  14. Thank you Dr Jones for all the information that you provid us with. We really appreciate you and all your information. Downloaded your book my fur baby is showing improvement after a week from chronic allergies and ear infections. Thank you Rachel for this channel.

  15. I absolutely agree with your comments about certain unnatural products we use around our homes which can procure unsavoury health issues with our dogs.

    Instead of using soap, I now add fresh lemon juice to my bucket of water before mopping the floor, after experiencing first hand, your above raised points. Thank you both so much, once again.

  16. I have used Dr. Jones home made meals for my Bichon Benji who had terrible allergic reactions. Chicken was his worst trigger. Within six months the problems disappeared and as a bonus he is down to his ideal weight!!!!!

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