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  1. are them ocb premiums/blacks are they harsh on ur troat and are they bleached or have other bad chemicals in them like other things like wood pulp and bleach and more or are they all natural like raws ???

  2. พี่ไทยกู..ถ้าดอกขนาดนี้ใส่ยาเส้นเกือบเต็มเขียง..งั้นก็บอกกูดูดที4-8หลุม…พี่ไทยมึงลองดูโสดดิ่..หยิบเดียวแทบกราบบ้อง555 คนไทยดูดโคตรโทรม..เมืองนอกสูบ..ไม่โทรม.เค้าออกอนิคแท้..ไทยเล่นยำใส่ไรก็ไม่รู้..ทำไปทั่ว.ของดีๆเสียกลิ่นรสหมด

  3. I roll far better king sized joints without watching any vedios.. I have been living with this stoner buddies for 6 years now and gosh this is nothing. i can do a back roll and i can roll this king size joint in 2 mins max. Man i feel like i m boss of rolling now.

  4. hi, i’ve got a kingsized rolling machine but i also have papers so is it better that i use the machine or i just practice and try to get better at rolling

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