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  1. I am looking at buying a tray and that preroll ups… I hardly smoke joints but when I do ill be rdy 😉 But never noticed how usefull a tray would be.. need one ASAP!!!

  2. Ordered one of these off amazon. Should be arriving in a day or two. Gonna use it for my hemp king sized cones. I have no idea why I prefer the hemp cones over the classic unrefined, I just do.

  3. This is my first time using the product. Thank you for a very well put together tutorial. All your hard work really is appreciated brother. Your video is full of good a useful information. Again i thank you brother for taking the time to get this good information out to everyone who needs it like i did.

  4. I bought this today before I even saw this video, had zero idea how it's supposed to be used but it looked cool on the web site. And honestly just how he looks, especially that bad ass jacket. If I was to ever listen to a person about weed strictly off his appearance, this is the dude I'd see in my head.

  5. He’s like fuck guys I’m gonna show you how to use this again, fuck… I’ve done it 100 times but I’ll do it one more time because I love you guys!

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