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  1. Describe how Swiss miss makes ya feel? I’m wanting to try this now. I just got same moxie one called grapes and cream. It’s good so far. I have that dosi flower it’s good

  2. If you want a different kinda runtz, try to get your hands on some Runtz Muffin by barneys farm.
    That's super strong, pungent, fast hitting and tastes like Sweet and Sour gummies.

  3. Love your uploads man! Don’t mean to be negative but just be careful with over consuming mmj, CHS syndrome is a real syndrome & sucks. Just google it & read up little, never will hurt to be informed. Best ☮️

  4. Hey bro, 1 quick question, Is cured or live resin OK or should I only use hash rosin? P.S., I turned my wife on to some of your videos, we’ve been cracking up!

  5. Moxie LLR carts are killer. Insa flower is great. You are right about the wax. Concentrates rarely hold their original form over time. I think the terp thing is a placebo effect. You like the smell, chill. You dislike the flavor, anxiety….love your energy and reviews. Thanks for doing these.

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