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  1. Eddie thinks quick @ 6:00, gives the communist the first taste to make sure it's not poison. It must have been so because she didn't eat it, made excuses she wants to go back to work and they left without touching the soup @ 6:28.

  2. There is a mistake. We call Dishes in Yangzte River Delta “本帮菜” (Bén Bāng cài) instead of “淮扬菜” (Huái Yáng Cái). 淮扬菜 is the dish between Huai River and Yangzte River. The center of Huaiyang dish is Yangzhou.

  3. Most people in the videos are not local Shanghainese…they are from other places in China and trying to make a living in big city…they must have their children back in their hometown.

  4. Wow, what a nice spread; cannot believe all of that food at 6:26 went to waste when she wanted to leave to get back to work.  I hope they packed it up and gave it away to someone who would have enjoyed a nice meal.

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